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Data Identification Manager™


Securing the worlds’ information by identifying & protecting all sensitive data regardless of location, platform or format, as well as high-performance cloud archiving with complete governance.

What is Data Identification Manager™?

Data443’s Data Identification Manager ™(DIM) simplifies the process of classifying your data by implementing consistent rules, advanced technology, machine learning, and ongoing classification oversight across your entire organization. 

This ensures always accurate, continually relevant data security for your whole IT estate. Our solution provides comprehensive data archiving with OCR technology for versatile privacy request management and seamless data access, search, and backup across various environments.

1,300+ Country & 40+
Language Smart RuleSets
Business-Specific Definitions Sync from CRM, Inventory or Project, Databases
Machine Learning with Initial
Supplied Training
Optional or subset End-User, Validation of Classifications
Optional, Classification
Steward, Notifications

Machine Learning, Validation of Detected, Classification

Explore the features of

Data Identification Manager™

Centralized Management

A single, centralized dashboard for all environments makes it very easy to manage and control data across various departments and teams.

Enhanced Connectivity

Our Data Identification Manager allows you to securely and easily manage hundreds of repositories.

Dynamic Data Classification

The software automatically Classifies, Tags, and Labels files as needed.

Inclusive Global Search

Perform Global Search and Discovery across all unstructured and structured datasets

Defensible Disposition

Identify document type, apply a retention code, and process defensible disposition on content across the enterprise regardless of location, repository, or format.

Trainable ML Libraries

Train the ML Libraries with your own datasets – hone classifications and execution of governance policies.

Seamless Data Migration

Built-in, high-scale migration platform with sophisticated data rules. Migrate existing data from the mailstore or archive within 5 to 20 days.

Data Loss Prevention

The tools protect your data from leaks, thefts, and breaches.

Email Archiving

Efficiently manage archiving for virtually any volume of email from a wide variety of datasets, including Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, and Google Workspace (G Suite).


Accommodate growing data volumes and changing business needs like M&A, and growing number of legacy platforms

Audit Trails and Reporting

Access audit trails and reporting functionality to track and report on data access and usage.


Deploy through the cloud in one day. Immutable journaling source for G Suite, Exchange, Hybrid Exchange, and O365 deployments.

Trusted By

Trusted By

Know your data. Streamline your efforts. Mitigate your risks.

Data Identification Manager™

Perform Global Search, Migrate Data, Automate Classification, Email Archiving,
Cut Storage Requirements, and Reduce Legal Exposure

Use Case

Email Data Governance

A company engages several contractors, whose email correspondence might contain PII or proprietary information. Once contracts end, many companies archive these emails into PST files for storage. Using the Data Identification Manager, these PSTs can be swiftly unpacked, classified, and relocated to secure repositories in line with data protection standards. "Email Data Governance"

Use Case

Global Compliance Guardian

Companies operating globally face stringent audits from entities like the EU to ensure adherence to data protection laws. Reviewing vast repositories, spanning emails to diverse documents, for sensitive data is a daunting task. The Data Identification Manager streamlines this by efficiently classifying data across all repositories. It promptly flags content containing PII or proprietary details, ensuring it's stored securely according to regulatory guidelines. In the event of an audit, the system allows businesses to quickly access the necessary data, showcasing compliance and reducing the risk of penalties. "Global Compliance Guardian"

Use Case

Centralized Management

A single, centralized dashboard for all environments makes it easy to govern and control data across various departments and teams. Our platform is purpose-built, designed specifically for handling & managing privacy requests, — across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. It allows you to manage data retention policies and ensures that the data is retained for the required time, in order to comply with regulations and legal requirements.

400 + SaaS Platform Integrations
400 + SaaS Platform Integrations

How it works

Data Identification Manager™


Scan all your documents & generate easy-to-read reports, to help identify file management & organization.


Use Data Identification Manager to shrink your content. Flag unwanted documents and users from all obsolete, redundant, & trivial files.


Utilize Data Identification Manager to cluster similar documents by intelligently analyzing their content & properties. Then simply, drag-and-drop these groups into your own custom-designed taxonomy. Our commenting system facilitates easy teamwork, ensuring accurate mapping.


Move your files into new repositories. Our Data Identification Manager supports multi-repository migration with existing files, file shares, or any other CMS platform. Metadata is applied and files are migrated with a simple click of a button.






Native File


Commercial Customers

A Bit More

Purpose-built search panel to comply with the organization’s privacy and governance requirements.
Platform-wide searches and extractions are based on all of the platform’s data estate
Manage, analyze, and consolidate
data rapidly.
In case of a breach, users can view which machine, what was on it, and who had access to it.
Ensure audit compliance for long-term retention requirements – including roll-offs of any data set as required.

Select user roles and permissions based on your customizations.
Ability to set retention policy across all document types 1,300+ sensitive out-of-the-box data types, in 41 languages. 1,200 native file types, 200+ SaaS & Application connectors. (SAP, OneDrive, OpenText, Mfiles, Sharepoint, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, etc.)

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