Data Identification Manager™

Say goodbye to all your organization’s data management challenges —
Smart, Reliable, and Cost-effective 
Auto-classification, Attribution & Migration
Removes Unnecessary, Undefined & Repetitive content
Data Loss Prevention
Easy Migration, ROT Analysis and complete data Governance


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The threat landscape is increasing, as businesses today face an increased risk around cyber-resilence and data management. A data identification manager is essential for organizations that rely on data to make informed decisions and operate efficiently.


The privacy requirements like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and USA’s HIPAA carry powerful obligations, and force examinations of all aspects of data infrastructure

Operation & Compliance teams lack the cross-platform visibility and control needed, to manage their data.

Every merger, acquisition, or asset sale involves risk, and the success of the transaction can depend on managing the time and resources needed to navigate the process.
Lack of automation, in leveraging data leads to manual searches, resulting in human errors, failed audits, loss of insurance coverages, and heavy fines.
Lack of automation, in leveraging data leads to manual searches, resulting in human errors, failed audits, loss of insurance coverages, and heavy fines.

Data Identification Manager™


Scan all your documents & generate easy-to-read reports, to help identify file management & organization.


Use Data Identification Manager to shrink your content. Flag unwanted documents and users from all obsolete, redundant, & trivial files.


Utilize Data Identification Manager to cluster similar documents by intelligently analyzing their content & properties. Then simply, drag-and-drop these groups into your own custom-designed taxonomy. Our commenting system facilitates easy teamwork, ensuring accurate mapping.


Move your files into new repositories. Our Data Identification Manager supports multi-repository migration with existing files, file shares, or any other CMS platform. Metadata is applied and files are migrated with a simple click of a button.

Say Good-Bye To Tedious Data Management Problems

Data Identification Manager™

The Ultimate Data Management Solution to Migrate & Manage Your Data

Data Identification Manager™

A single, centralized dashboard for all environments makes it very easy to manage and control data across various departments and teams.
Our Data Identification manager allows you to hundreds of Repositories securely and easily.
Our Data Identification manager automatically Classifies, Tags, and Labels files as needed.
Perform Global Search and Discovery across all unstructured and structured datasets

Identify Document Type, apply a retention code, and process defensible disposition on content across the enterprise regardless of location, repository, or format.

Train the ML Libraries with your own datasets – hone classifications and execution of governance policies.
Built-in high-scale migration platform (with sophisticated data rules) – Any to Any

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools, protect your data from leaks, thefts, and breaches.

See Why Our Clients Love Our

Data Identification Manager™

  • Purpose-built search panel to comply with the organization’s privacy and governance requirements.
  • Manage, analyze, and consolidate data rapidly.
  • Select user roles and permissions based on your customizations.
  • Ensure audit compliance for long-term retention requirements – including roll-offs of any data set as required.
  • Platform-wide searches and extractions are based on all of the platform’s data estate
  • In case of a breach, users can view, which machine, what was on it, and who had access to it.
  • 1,300+ sensitive out-of-the-box data types, in 41 languages. 1,200 native file types, 200+ SaaS & Application connectors. (SAP, OneDrive, OpenText, Mfiles, Sharepoint, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, etc.)
Will Revolutionize Your Data Management

Data Identification Manager™

Our automated discovery and Document Type ID is more accurate and will Save:

  • Manual Sarches,
  • Data Mapping Exercises,
  • Reporting Costs

Next-Gen Machine Learning technology and AI,will:

  • Identify document type of every unstructured file
  • Each document is profiled with a risk profile & security classification, 
  • High risk sensitive data is controlled & secured.

From discovery & record retrieval to post merger integration, our data identification manager will:

  • Guarantees all unstructed data has been analyzed
  • Reduces time fror the due diligence process
  • Transfers improper data to buyer during post-merger intergration
  • Reduces the cost of internal discovery & file organization

The holy grail of Records Management & Information Governance, that:

  • Remain fully compliant & reduce legal exposure
  • Reduce storage requirements by automating the removal of redundant, obsolete, and trivial files
  • Save money by maximizing existing infrastructure & reducing storage costs
A Leader in Data Discovery & Classification

Data Identification Manager™

Smart, Reliable, and Cost-effective —Perform Global Search, Migration, Automate classification, Reduce storage requirements, and Legal exposure



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Data Identification Manager™


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