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Cyren Threat Intelligence

Cyren stops

Malware Phishing Spam Viruses Brand Abuse Dangerous Websites Malware
Providing the earliest detection of cyberattacks in the industry.

Cyren protects hundreds of millions of users
against emerging threats every minute.

Cyren Website URL Category Checker

As we analyze global threats to data security, each URL is classified into a category based on a variety of information – Use our Website URL Category Checker to view current categories and Alexa Rank.

Cyren Threat Detection and Intelligence

Malware Detection

Malware Detection Engine

Integrated malware and virus detection for hardware, software, and service provider solutions

Malware Analysis

Hybrid Analyzer

Detect risky file properties and behaviors to identify novel malware 100 times faster than a sandbox

URL Categorization

Web Security Engine

Relevant, accurate, and fast classification of web pages to power web security, safe browsing, and worker productivity solutions

Email Security

Email Security Engine

Protect against phishing, malware, and inbound and outbound spam with Cyren’s integrated email security engine

Threat Intelligence

Threat InDepth

Real-time technical threat intelligence feeds of emerging malware and phishing threats

Inbox Protection

Inbox Protection Manager

Prevent spam, phishing, and malware with advanced security layers and real-time scanning

Contact us to learn how Cyren can power your defenses against email, malware, and web threats.

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