Attribution & Migration

Auto-classification, Attribution & Migration

Many organizations are uncertain as they face the task of migrating to a new ECM. Migrating content that is unclassified, unattributed, or unorganized can fill up the ECM with large quantities of unwanted data, or worse, derail the project entirely.

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Content migration projects are often time sensitive.

Manually dragging and dropping content from a source to a target repository is too time consuming and therefore not practical. Data Identification Manager solution removes these worries as it performs content analysis to prepare for migration. It identifies potential errors, all while processing the ECM migration quickly and efficiently

Data Identification Manager properly designs target repositories to reduce breakage which can cause performance issues.

Organizations can confidently choose Data Identification Manager highly automated and scalable solution for an ECM implementation or migration. It is reliable, timely and cost-effective. It will weed out any unnecessary, undefined, and repetitive content.

Auto-classification, Attribution & Migration