Jira Software

Jira is a tool for issue tracking. It assists teams to plan, track and manage issues. It operates on the Git version control system. Jira is used by software development teams. It also finds applications in non-software projects such as event management and university administration. Jira is proprietary software with a freemium business model. It is available as open-source under the terms of the MIT, BSD, and Apache License. It was created by maintainers of the Project Management Bug System who named it JIRA – an acronym for “Just In Time Application”. Jira follows the functional requirements of agile software development.

Why Jira?

  • Track business issues to keep projects on schedule and keep team members aware of key milestones
  • Enable your developers to report bugs and resolve issues faster
  • Every task is represented by an issue in your business project. This lets you track the progress of every task
  • You can easily prioritize the business tasks and update them as they progress
  • You assign issues to a set of users who are involved in a particular task. This way, everyone working on a project is aware of its status at every stage of the development process
  • It offers collaboration tools to share and edit work with your team
  • You get flexible workflow options to meet your business requirements and set flexible due dates for tasks or group them into sprints
  • Issue types enable you to manage tasks easily – bugs, features, helpdesk calls, and built-in reports to track the progress of your business project