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Cyren Inbox Protection Manager

Enhance Outlook Security. Stop spam, phishing attempts, and malware

What is Cyren Inbox Protection Manager?

Conquer your inbox with confidence! Data443 Cyren Inbox Protection Manager (IPM) is a user-friendly add-in for Outlook that tackles both email security and organization. Stop spam, phishing attempts, and malware in their tracks with multi-layered protection and on-demand scanning. Plus, Data443 IPM empowers you to manage your emails with ease. Customize settings, utilize quick actions for tasks, and keep everything organized with a pinnable task pane for continuous control.

Data443 IPM goes beyond security. It prioritizes your privacy by complying with top regulations and offers flexible deployment options for a smooth fit within your existing IT infrastructure. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and organized inbox.

IPM’s Add-in Architecture

Anti-Spam Engine (On Prem)

Use our Anti-Spam Engine to filter out malicious emails before they hit your inbox. Here is the Architecture for the “On Prem“ option:

Anti-Spam Engine (Hosted)

Use our Anti-Spam Engine to filter out malicious emails before they hit your inbox. Here is the Architecture for the “Hosted“ option:

Scan An Email

Manually scan suspicious emails for ultimate control. If an email raises red flags, take action: delete it, move it, or request a reclassification from our team.

End User Settings

Administrators retain control, but IPM offers user-friendly customization options within the inbox, empowering users to personalize their security workflow.

Features and Modules

Report Miscategorized Emails

Users can report incorrectly categorized emails, enhancing the accuracy of threat detection for spam, phishing, or legitimate emails that were wrongly flagged.

High Configurability

Allows users to adjust settings to fit their specific needs and organizational requirements, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced user experience.

On-Demand Scanning

Users can initiate a scan by clicking the SCAN NOW button from the main panel. The results are displayed as both a high-level summary and a detailed risk analysis report, providing comprehensive insights into the scanned content. For more in-depth information, users can expand specific sections of the scanning engine report.

Flexible Licensing Options

Offers both free and paid versions to accommodate different user needs. The licensed version grants access to advanced features and premium support, providing robust protection for both individuals and businesses.

Outbound Email Scanning and Blocking

Automatically scans and blocks outbound emails containing potential threats to prevent the spread of malware and protect both internal and external contacts from receiving harmful content.

Contact us to learn how Cyren can power your defenses against email, malware, and web threats.

Why do you need

The Benefits of
Cyren Inbox Protection

Fortress Against Threats

Think of it as a bodyguard for your inbox

Data443 IPM employs cutting-edge security features like multi-layered protection. This intelligent system acts like a shield, constantly scanning and filtering emails to block spam, phishing attempts, and malware before they can infiltrate your inbox.

Unsure about a specific email? No problem!

Data443 IPM offers on-demand scanning. With a single click, you can get a detailed risk analysis report, allowing you to make informed decisions about any suspicious messages.

Prevent accidental harm

Data443 IPM doesn’t stop at incoming emails. It scans your outgoing emails too! This outbound email security feature ensures you never unintentionally spread malware by blocking emails containing harmful content.

Master Your Inbox

Customization is key

Data443 IPM understands that one size doesn’t fit all. Tailor the add-in to your workflow by adjusting settings like automatic scan on startup or outbound email security preferences.

Take control with quick actions

No more wasting time with repetitive tasks. Data443 IPM equips you with one-click actions for deleting, moving, or managing your emails. Plus, the innovative pinnable task pane keeps these controls readily available, saving you clicks and streamlining your workflow.

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