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Follow the instructions outlined in your onboarding email. Once the Admin user is created, they can proceed to add more users and allocate roles accordingly.

Define your repositories and initiate the indexing process.

400 + SaaS Platform Integrations

After the repositories' content has been indexed, you can begin querying against it.

Refine your query by filtering the results and export the tailored data for further analysis.

Simplify Data Compliance with Data443's Archiving:
Unlimited Scaling, Rapid Deployment & Efficiency

Explore advanced data management with Data443’s Archiving, highlighting the formidable Data Identification Manager. The Automated Archiving feature streamlines the storage and management of organizational data, offering automated archiving and indexing for easy search and retrieval. The system incorporates automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanning and opening up to 1900 file types with real-time speed. Users can efficiently locate archived data based on criteria like date, file type, and keywords.

With over 900 Data Sensitivity Patterns in 14 languages, our solution can identify sensitive data across various repositories. Adding data sources is a one-click process, and our archiving capabilities extend to email, OneDrive, SharePoint, GSuite, Network Drives, Personal Drives, and Desktops/Laptops.

The continuous data backup, archiving, and manipulation cycle can lead to increased storage costs, operational risks, and a higher likelihood of breaches from incorrectly permissioned data sets. The challenges are further intensified by regulated environments and privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA, making compliance more complex.

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