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Cyren Account Takeover Protection

Compromised Microsoft 365 credentials are the #1 source of breaches.

According to Osterman Research, Microsoft 365 account takeover attacks are 3 times more likely than any other phishing breach type, a 49% increase since 2019.

Compromised accounts lead to fraud, supply chain attacks and data loss, and allow cybercriminals to surveil your network so they can launch ransomware attacks.

At best, helpdesk and security operations teams respond before a bad event but they still spend countless hours reseting accounts and reviewing activity logs.

Cyren Inbox Security detects and removes credential phishing attempts before they turn into account takeover attacks.

  • Real-time analysis of URLs, attachments, and remote files
  • Quickly detect spoofed login pages and trojaned websites
  • Monitor mailboxes for telltale signs of EAC and VEC

Case Study: Global Manufacturer

After enduring a ransomware attack that resulted from exposed credentials, a global printing press manufacturer ramped up security awareness training across their mostly-remote employee base. Unfortunately, they found simulated phishing attacks still got a 29% Click Through Rate.

78% of attacks target credentials

M365 credential exposures happen 3x more than any other breach

60% of organizations experienced M365 account compromise

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