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Data Placement Manager™

File Transfer
for the Enterprise

Enabling Large Scale Resiliency for Disaster Recovery, Scaling and Cloud-to-Cloud Synchronization

Data Placement Manager™
For NonStop

An HPE NonStop server-based application for secure managed file transfer enabling customers to schedule, route, format and securely transfer business-critical data over both public and private networks. Data Placement Manager links legacy systems with current technology trends, supporting mission-critical transmission needs, including data security, reformatting and data validation services traversing and embracing multiple protocols.

Data Placement Manager™
For Open Systems

Supports mission-critical transmission needs by enabling customers to schedule, route and securely transfer business-critical data over both public and private networks. Available on Windows, UNIX, Linux & OSX, Data Placement Manager utilizes multiple protocols and security features to consolidate and manage all enterprise file movement operations in a secure, centralized and highly controllable command environment.
Why do you need

The Benefits of Data Placement Manager™

Effortless Compliance

Create content by using the existing tools for text, video, audio, and other options. Our sensitive content manager supports the storage of content on private or public servers controlled by the user.

Automate Operations

Improve operational efficiency with automation to enable monitoring and regulatory policy compliance for SLA, processes, and security & access.

Improve Productivity

Eliminate redundant processes, like manual data replication that is both time-consuming & inefficient, to improve user productivity.


Consolidate external data sharing to fewer egress points to better manage SecOps and DevOps capabilities and responses.

Secure Data Sharing

Consolidate external data sharing to fewer egress points to better manage SecOps and DevOps capabilities and responses.

Enhance your DXOP server security with our complimentary Ransomware Recovery Manager (RRM) implementation.

RRM not only fortifies your servers against cyber threats but also swiftly restores your data in the event of a breach. This value-added service ensures that your operations are resilient and secure, providing you with the confidence that comes from having a recovery plan in place. With RRM's dual defense and recovery strategy, your servers are prepared to face and overcome the challenges of the modern threat landscape.

Supercharge Your Storage Strategy With

Data Placement Manager™

Job Queue Dashboard

The job queue dashboard gives the operators of large services a bird’s eye view of the entire global data MFT estate

Intelligent Data Placement

Automatically determines the optimal placement of data across different storage resources

Supports Hybrid Cloud & Services

A unified interface helps manage data across different cloud providers

Automated Data Replication

Automatically replicate data based on defined policies, data access patterns, network latency, and storage capacity

Real-time Monitoring

and Analytics Gain insights into data placement patterns, storage utilization, and performance metrics

Policy-driven Data Placement

Define data placement policies based on data sensitivity, data locality, or storage cost

Easy Integration Seamlessly integrate

with existing data storage systems & deploy in a variety of environments, on-premises data centers, private clouds, and public clouds.

Scalability and Flexibility

Customize & configure to adapt to changing data placement requirements & deploy in a variety of storage architectures, including distributed file systems, object storage, and block storage.

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Trusted By

The Ultimate Data Sharing Solution

Data Placement Manager™

Effortlessly Manage & Share Sensitive Data Across Organizations

How it works

Data Placement Manager™


Simply define your data type and attribute a source/destination for your data with transport levels, protocol requirements and identity attributes.


Schedule, Route, Format and securely Transfer all sensitive data across public & private networks.


Replace homegrown applications that have no documentation and little operational governance.


Monitor all moving parts of the data —insights into problem areas, check whether escalations are required, or if clients are experiencing disruptions.

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