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Data Identification Manager

Shine a light on dark data across the enterprise - all within hours.

Data Identification Manager™ provides the ability to automatically inventory all data repositories, classify & tag all data, and enable global search and discovery.

Leverage Data Identification Manager to:

  • Conduct data discovery to locate sensitive files on-premise and in the cloud
  • Mitigate risk by continuously monitoring where sensitive data is located
  • Analyze your data through powerful machine learning & artificial intelligence to identify document types across the enterprise 
  • Classify your data to ensure compliance with internal and regulatory policies


  • Rapid data consolidation, ROT analysis and management
  • Ingesting of additional file repositories ensures audit compliance for long term retention requirements
  • Continuously access data
  • Mitigate risks during an e-Discovery or compliance audit
  • Increase server performance while decreasing storage requirements

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