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Cyren URL Category Chacker

As we analyze global threats to data security, each URL is classified into a category
based on a variety of information - Use our Website URL Category Checker
to view the current categories.

If you know of a URL that you believe has been mistakenly classified, please report it below. You will then be prompted for suggested reclassification categories. 
Report a Misclassified URL*

* Please read the disclaimer before using this reporting tool.


While Data443 makes every reasonable effort to limit the number of misclassified URLs generated by its GlobalView™ URL Filtering service, no URL classification service is 100% error-free.

Data443 strives to review each report within a reasonable period of time – generally 24-72 hours from delivery during normal business hours and, if necessary, to take appropriate action.

Data443 makes no guarantees to reverse and/or update a classification or to provide a detailed response identifying the factors that weighed into its decision. However, reporters are welcome to periodically visit the URL Category Check page to find out if the classification edit was addressed.

Furthermore, Data443 reserves the right to reject reports, and disclaims all warranties, whether implied or otherwise, pertaining to the results generated from its GlobalView™ URL Filtering service, any review of reports of the results generated from its GlobalView URL Filtering service and any review of reports of misclassifications submitted to Data443, and advises that classifications of URLs reflect an expression of opinion only.

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