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Data Archive Manager

Enforce policy and secure solution for compliance and E-Discovery with email archiving functionality

Data Identification Manager

Classify, identify, and continuously monitor data on workstation

Data Placement Manager

Securely mange file transfers for scheduling, routing, formatting, and securely transmitting business-critical data over public and private networks

Access Control Manager

Create policy-driven contextual access control to discover, organize, and resolve access decisions with MFA, SSO, and Lifecycle

Ransomware Recovery Manager

Recover data and operating systems, and block lateral movement on endpoints

Global Privacy Manager

Simplify compliance, automate data discovery and mapping, and customize workflows

Antivirus Protection Manager

Certified by the leading authority - VB100, our AV engines block and mitigate against major threats. Deploy per workstation/VDI, and grab our leading Ransomware Recovery Manager to recover any machine at any state

Sensitive Content Manager

Mitigate risk and intellectual property with secure content distribution to deploy a high level of content rights management controls, audit trails, and analytics

Open Source

Used by over 400,000 businesses and with over a million downloads. Enable privacy compliance, opt-in and (D)SAR requests quickly with a 1.5 minute setup

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