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Data Security Posture Management

DSPM technologies can discover unknown data and categorize structured and unstructured data across cloud service platforms. Security and risk management leaders can also use them to identify security and privacy risks as data spreads through pipelines and across geographic boundaries.

by Brian Lowans, Joerg Fritsch, Andrew Bales – Source

Data443's position on DSPM capabilities

Data443’s Data Identification Manager (DIM) is closely aligned with the core objectives of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM). As a crucial element of DSPM, DIM is tailored to identify and categorize both structured and unstructured data across various cloud platforms. Its technology, which integrates rule enforcement, advanced frameworks, and machine learning, is vital for pinpointing and mitigating security and privacy risks as data navigates through different pipelines and across geographic boundaries. 
Additionally, DIM’s data archiving feature, equipped with OCR technology, plays a significant role in managing privacy requests and ensuring secure data access and backup. This capability of DIM directly supports the discovery of unknown data and the safeguarding of data integrity, fulfilling the essential requirements of DSPM in today’s data-driven environments.

Features and Modules

Automated discovery for accurate Document Type ID:

Efficiently identifies and categorizes document types through automated discovery.

Data classification and governance technology:

Employs advanced technology for effective data classification and governance.

Centralized dashboard for easy data management:

Provides a unified platform for streamlined and centralized data management across various environments.

Supports CCPA, LGPD, and GDPR compliance:

Ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, including CCPA, LGPD, and GDPR.

Enhanced connectivity for streamlined efforts:

Facilitates seamless connectivity, ensuring smooth and efficient data management processes.

SIEM integrated data classification system:

Integrates with Security Information and Event Management for a robust data classification system.

Global search capabilities for comprehensive data access:

Enables comprehensive data access through powerful global search functionalities.

Blockchain-integrated data governance platform:

Utilizes blockchain integration to enhance data governance and security.

Defensible disposition for audit compliance:

Ensures audit compliance with defensible disposition, allowing for proper data handling and retention.

OCR classification for free:

Offers Optical Character Recognition for free, enabling text extraction and classification from images.

Machine learning library training for improved analysis:

Enhances data analysis through machine learning library training, improving accuracy and insights.

Platform supports Zoom®:

Provides support for the Zoom® platform, enhancing collaboration and communication.

Migration support for seamless data transfer:

Facilitates smooth and secure data transfer during migration processes.

Natively supports COVID-19 taxonomies and patterns:

Native support for COVID-19 taxonomies and patterns, ensuring relevance in current data contexts.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features for enhanced security:

Incorporates Data Loss Prevention features to enhance data security and prevent unauthorized access.

SaaS platform for sophisticated data discovery:

Operates as a Software-as-a-Service platform for advanced data discovery in structured and unstructured data.

Performs content search of structured and unstructured data:

Conducts sophisticated content searches across both structured and unstructured data sources.

Integration with Data443's technology stack:

Seamlessly integrates with Data443's technology stack for enhanced capabilities and synergies.

Strengthens capabilities in information taxonomy management, machine learning, and rapid data indexing:

Reinforces expertise in managing information taxonomy, machine learning, and rapid data indexing for robust data solutions.

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