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Antivirus Protection Manager™

Protect Your Device From Virus & Ransomware

VB 100 Certified solution from Virus Bulletin

What is Antivirus Protection Manager™?

Antivirus Protection Manager™ from Data443 detects, protects and removes Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Trojans, Rootkits. It keeps your computer safe, your privacy protected, and maintains the integrity of your information-security at all times.

Experience our award-winning 360° protection for all your devices. Every cloud vendor (Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS) and location!

and Scores

Our solution has earned The VB 100 from Virus Bulletin
— Our Antivirus Protection Manager demonstrates the highest levels of reliability on protecting against cyber threats. We do not display or react to false positives.
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Why choose

Data443 Antivirus
Protection Manager™?

VB 100 Certified

This award means that Antivirus Protection Manager demonstrates the highest levels of reliability in protecting against cyber threats.

Threat Detection

Finds & eliminates threats in non-standard sub-folders and hard drive segments, keeping your computer on-guard status optimal.

24/7 Defense

Simply install, set and forget - 24/7
protection for the device and all data

Active Protection

Hands-free PC protection for monitoring, blocking, and alerting whenever a threat is detected.

Low CPU Usage

Advanced detection engines & algorithms protect at a fraction of the load on your CPU.

Protect your device,
Detect and Remove

Malware, spyware, rootkits, bots, trojans, and any other types of internet security threats with our all-in-one Antivirus Protection Manager.

How Does Antivirus Protection Manager™ Work?

Detects & Block

Detect and block all new and unknown threats by real-time advanced machine learning with artificial intelligence algorithms.


Scan, detect, and remove malware that traditional antivirus solutions might miss.

No False Positives

Does not display or react to false positives.


All portions of your device key and sensitive server infrastructure (Windows 2016+ supported), including USB, and live alerts.


It recovers the complete system or application in just one click. .

Modern enterprises trust Data443 to protect their
people, processes, and technologies.

  • Install in minutes with no reboots
  • Stops advanced attacks that traditional antivirus misses
  • Cost-effective licensing
  • Affordable pricing starting at $4.99/yr

Customers of our Ransomware Recovery Manager ™ receive Antivirus Manager for Free!

The Benefits of Antivirus
Protection Manager™

All-in-One Endpoint Security

Keep your computer safe, your privacy protected, and maintain the integrity of your information-security at all times with our all-in-one computer protection software.

Deep Treat Scanning

Antivirus Protection Manager finds and eliminates threats that other products miss, by continuously updating databases and virus definitions.

Real-time Monitoring & Protection

Advanced algorithms and multiple detection methods protect against online and local security threats in real-time, including all known viruses and hacking types.

Scheduled Scans, Effortless Updates

Enjoy set-and-forget protection with the Scheduler feature, and automatic updates ensure your product is always up-to-date.

Unbeatable Ransomware Defence

Antivirus Protection Manager detects and removes any known ransomware before it can cause harm to your PC.

Secure File Eraser

Permanently deletes all traces of a file with the “Erase Files” option for your Windows Explorer menu.

Secure Browsing Guaranteed

Browse the internet with peace of mind knowing Antivirus Protection Manager protects you from malicious online websites and attempts to attack your computer.

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