Antivirus Protection Manager™

VB100 Certified, simple to deploy, most cost-effective licensing in the market

Data443’s award winning Antivirus Protection Manager protects you from all viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans and spyware for desktops and servers – VDI or physical, regardless of cloud vendor (Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS).

Our solution has earned the VB 100 certification from Virus Bulletin. This award means that Antivirus Protection Manager demonstrates the highest levels of reliability on protecting against cyber threats.

Just as important, we do not display or react to false positives, one of the largest requirements.

Industry Validation

  • Utilizes advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to proactively detect and block new and unknown threats in real-time
  • Protect and scan all portions of your device (including USB), featuring live alerts as needed
  • Protect your key and sensitive server infrastructure (Windows 2016+ supported)
  • Scans all active processes and services on a device to detect and remove malware that traditional antivirus solutions might have missed (Try us out!)

Combined products Antivirus Protection Manager and Ransomware Recovery Manager can recover the complete system – zero day exploit or even user/application corruptions. One click is all that is required

Costs & Licensing

  • APM is available in single and bulk packs to
  • Match your needs specifically.
  • Major bulk discounts are available.
  • Prices starting at $4.99/yr

Performance and Scores

Why Antivirus Protection Manager?

Protection from all viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans and spyware for personal desktops and laptop computers

Active Protection

Hands-free PC protection for monitoring, blocking and alerting whenever a threat is detected

Threat Detection

Finds & eliminate threats in non-standard sub-folders and hard drive segments, keeping your computer on-guard status optimal

Low CPU Usage

Advanced detection engine & algorithms allow state of the art protection at a fraction of the load on your CPU

24/7 Defense

Simply install, set and forget – 24/7 protection for the device and all data


  • All-in-One Endpoint Security

    Detects and remove viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots, trojans and all other types of internet security issues with our all-in-one computer protection software that keeps your computer safe, your privacy protected, and maintains the integrity of your information-security at all times.

  • Real Time Active Monitoring & Protection

    Utilizes multiple detection methods and advanced algorithms to monitor and protect against online and local security issues, including all known viruses and hacking types, in real time.

  • Ransomware Detection

    Detects and removes any known ransomware before it can take action and harm your PC.

  • Internet Security

    Protects you from malicious online websites and attempts to attack your computer and infect it with malware while you browse the internet. Google SafeBrowing list included

  • Deep Threat Scanning

    Find and eliminates threats that other products in the industry fail to detect. Our databases and virus definitions continuously update on a daily basis from various sources, keeping your computer on-guard status optimal.

  • Schedule Scans

    Scheduler feature allows a set-and-forget setting that lets you automatically scan and proactively protect your computer at all times.

  • Automatic Updates

    When needed, the virus, spyware and malware database will automatically be updated for free, eliminating manual processes and guaranteeing an up-to-date product.

  • Secure File Eraser

    “Erase Files" option for your Window’s Explorer menu to permanently delete all traces of a file and make sure it is truly, completely deleted off your system and does not leave any unneeded residues behind.

  • Included for free

    Customer of our Ransomware Recovery Manager received AntiVirus Manager for free!


Antivirus Protection Manager is security protection software developed to provide home and enterprise users with complete 24/7 protection against any threat. The user-friendly interface will provide control even for the non-technical users.

Infection rates continue to climb as new threats like ransomware grow. Today’s viruses have become much more sophisticated in order to trick, and infect, greater numbers of users and businesses. This accessible malware can then be used for crime, white-hat fun, or simple destruction. While the broken software on your device can be fixed, personal data and privacy take long periods of time to recover. Why take the chance?

Antivirus Protection Manager provides an online protection against known and new threats. Some of them are common such as Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, and perhaps the most dangerous Spyware. Antivirus Protection Manager will provide active protection against all of the threats. User can initiate a scan manually by choosing quick, deep or custom scan. In addition, our software has integrated feature that cleans Internet history as well as local one. The file shredder will provide safe deletion of the files that contain sensitive data. Additionally, the Startup Manager allows the user to select which applications will run on system startup.

Antivirus Protection Manager will run in the background unnoticed, protecting actively your device. Upon detection of the threat, Antivirus Protection Manager will report, block or quarantine the malware. It has no impact on computer resources and can be used alongside other software.

The installation is an easy process. All you need is to download Antivirus Protection Manager from our website and initiate the installation, which will guide you through the process.

See our Knowledge Guide for more details.

If for any reason you wish to remove our application, the process is just as easy as any other.

To Uninstall Data443 Antivirus Automatically:
  1. Click Start in the lower left corner of Microsoft Windows home screen.
  2. Type in Add or Remove Programs in search bar.
  3. Click on the suggested result.
  4. In the list of programs find and click on Shield Antivirus.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. Follow the on-screen wizard until finished.

To uninstall Data443 Antivirus Manually::

  1. Click Start button in the lower left corner of Microsoft Windows home screen.
  2. Click the Control Panel menu button.
  3. Choose Programs/Uninstall a Software.
  4. Mark Shield Antivirus under the application list.
  5. Choose Uninstall.

For more detail, click here.

For ease, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “buy now.” Or, head directly to the Data443 orders page and choose the green “order now” button for $29.99 annually. You will then be directed to a page where you can continue the check out process, including choosing your billing cycle for either annually ($29.99), biennially (once every two years – $56.00) or triennially (once every three years – $75.00).

VB100 Data443
VB100 Analysis Report
We had independent experts test us – ask your current vendor why they’re not VB100 certified…


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VB100 Certified, simple to deploy, most cost-effective licensing the in the market

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