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Data Hound™ 
Risk Assessment

What is Data Hound™

Checkout Data Hound – our FREE and agentless data scanning risk assessment tool.
It sniffs out all sensitive data in your directories and – quick and painless.

Cloud version does all OneDrive, Sharepoint, OpenText, Webex, Zoom, NTFS local shares – and yes, even endpoints!

Explore the Features of

Data Hound™

Agentless Tool Designed To Help Organizations To Quantify Risks

Capture Statistics

See a summary of all results from your scan, including unique files and system-generated files that are automatically considered trivial.

File breakdown via dashboard reporting

See your files broken down into several ways, including file growth over time, how old the files are and the size and type of file present.

Find file duplication

Get the breakdown of how many files have no duplicates, are original files, or how many files are exact duplicate files for better data management.

Find all sensitive files across your environment

We have over 1,200+ sophisticated rules taxonomy in 40+ languages to identify sensitive content with the ability to select up to five policies at once to identify documents containing PII, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA and many more sensitive data patterns. .

How do we do it?

The remainder of the report includes a content analysis report with graphs for:

Through our years of experience, it has become evident that the Document Type of a record will drive many of these concerns and the actions taken to secure sensitive information. Each Document type will have a level of risk associated with it based on the usual contents of that document type.

By using policies to identify the document type, the usual level of risk, whether that document type tends to contain PII, and analyzing the file location, we can create a Document Profile and score. Using these profiles and policies within the Data Identification Manager™ tool, each repository can be scanned and have a score determined. Using these outputs, the business you can make a meaningful correlation to the document type profile of Security, Sensitivity, Personal Data, and ROT.
  • The number and % of files that are secret/classified/internal/
  • The number and % of files with PII
  • ROT stats

The Ultimate Solution for Data Security Risk Assessment

Explore The Benefits Of

Data Hound™

Assess Risk

Gain full visibility into where your data is, who has access to it, and how much data is out there. An initial Data Hound scan can arm you with the information needed to manage risk and modify policies and procedures needed to reduce future risk.

Uncover PII Files

Quickly uncover all datasets on-premise and in the cloud. Immediate reporting on datasets enables organizations to quickly pinpoint unknown or improperly managed datasets and act quickly to address issues. Data Hound uncovers PII, files, folders, and all other types of datasets to provide insights on data that live across your enterprise data stores.

Reduce Risk

Create a prioritized project plan to effectively reduce risk. Identify valuable assets and data that are exposed to operational risk and use the information learned from a Data Hound Scan to build a phased, manageable project plan to address true data governance needs.


After the scan is complete, you will receive your results by repository with a breakdown per repository.

You will also receive recommendations that may include things like:

  • Configuring your infrastructure
  • Conduct initial and full-text scans of all repositories
  • Move unprotected content to a controlled environment
  • Conduct a Privacy Review
Each recommendation will include steps to follow in order to complete the task.

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