Authorize.Net is an online payment gateway that allows sellers to accept credit card and electronic payments over the phone, in a brick-and-mortar storefront or online. The amount is deposited automatically in the bank account of the merchant. It is a stress free way to secure and streamline the payment process. 


  • allows sellers to accept a variety of payment options such as eChecks, major credit cards, signature debit cards, Pay pal, gift cards, and different forms of digital payments via their website
  • A merchant interface to monitor and manage transactions through websites.
  • It has a fraud prevention system with fraud detection tools and filters that identify suspicious transactions 
    Sensitive and confidential data is never stored on user’s computer. Only Authorize.Net PCI-compliant data center has such data stored. 
    Payments received quickly with funds automatically transferred to the retailer’s bank accounts 
  • It stores the payment, billing and customer shipping information so that the returning customers do not have to re-enter this information every time. It also makes the billing process more secure and efficient. Credit cards stored in the system are automatically updated when they are expired to prevent lost sales and interruptions in payment process
  • Account and technical support is provided to sellers along with user guides