Ransomware Recovery Manager™

Do not wait until Ransomware attacks strike! Protect your organization and data —Efficient, Reliable, and Secure. 

Stops lateral spread in its tracks
Cost-effective and Secure
Instant Delivery & Management
One-click recovery & reboot

Ransomware Attacks are Increasing

It’s More Common Than You Think!

Ransomware still remains one of the Costliest IT security problems, as it combines virus attacks with data leaks. It can affect organizations of any size, big or small. Defending against them has been largely impossible –even for the best and most funded organizations in the world. 


Outbreaks spread fast and in many cases, infections are so bad they just replace the equipment.

There’s no guarantee that organizational data will ever be recovered, even if the ransom is paid.

Business operations may be disrupted, resulting in downtime, productivity loss, and revenue loss.

If the ransomware attack leads to the theft of sensitive data, the organization may be subject to legal action and financial penalties for not adequately protecting that data.

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See How Our

Ransomware Recovery Manager™

Can Protect Your System and Data


Finds sensitive data, moves it to a secure location on your disk, and encrypts it – reducing the risk profile of your device.


Takes immediate action if your system becomes infected with ransomware to reduce its lingering & long-lasting effects.


Gets the machine (and the person!) back in action without major interaction – other than a simple reboot!

How To Use

Ransomware Recovery Manager™

Launching our Ransomware Recovery Manager™ is Easy. Just follow these steps:


Subscribe and Deploy from Data443’s Cloud.


Deploy your software distribution software or use ours.


Design a simple Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy with our design team or manage your own.


Design a simple Data Classification policy set, or use our workshops to design it.


Configure your encryption and protection policies, and done!

Do not wait for Ransomware attacks to strike!

Protect your organization Now!

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Recovery Manager™

360° Protection & Security

Data Identification Manager

Secure Content Manager

Ransomware Recovery Manager

When coupled together this offering is designed to Identify all types of data on a device and Encrypt it. This ensures that even with potential exposure of the data set(s), Ransomware Recovery Manager’s dual-private key infrastructure Safeguards your files, rendering them useless in the hands of attackers without matching keys, this greatly mitigates the extortion risk of any ransomware scenario.

Protect Your Data and Your Peace Of Mind

With the only industry-guaranteed, virus and ransomware, device and software recovery option. Our Ransomware Recovery Manager is efficient, secure, and cost-effective!

See What

Ransomware Recovery Manager™

Can Do For You

  • DLP Capabilities
  • Device & Data Ransomware Recovery
  • Integrated AV
  • Admin-Centric Device Management Capabilities



Ransomware Recovery Manager™ Solution