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Cyren Email Security Engine

Protection against phishing, spam, malware

A successful project will provide ongoing support to end users, in terms of constant upgrades as well as education and timely assistance when viruses are reported. Furthermore, it will involve the maintenance of active logs of all incidents, detailing the virus’s identity, the machine’s user, the source of the infection and the cost of the incident. 

This calculation should include the length of denial of service for the user, the amount of labor required to identify and remove the virus and the cost of lost assets (e.g., data and corrupted applications). Thorough analysis of incidents assists in the identification of trends (in particular, the source of viruses) and a fine-tuning of the initiative results…

By Helen Flynn, Gary S. Lynch – Source

Data443's position on Anti Spam Engine capabilities

Data443’s Cyren Anti Spam Engine is a critical tool in the ongoing battle against spam. It provides key insights that help organizations effectively deal with spam threats. Designed to support both spam prevention and detection, this tool aligns with the guidelines from the Internet Research Task Force’s Anti-Spam Research Group. By offering up-to-date intelligence on the latest spam tactics, it enables organizations to proactively defend against new spamming techniques. In today’s digital world, where spammers are always finding new ways around security protocols, this is incredibly important. 

What really sets Data443’s tool apart is how it approaches spam detection. Instead of blocking spam outright, it acts as a source of detailed intelligence. This tool can be integrated smoothly into an existing email security setup, improving an organization’s spam management without overhauling their current systems. Through its data feeds and SDKs, it provides the necessary information to distinguish spam from legitimate emails. This ensures clean and secure email channels. In terms of responding to spam, Data443’s Cyren Anti Spam Engine offers practical, actionable information that organizations can use to enhance their security measures. In essence, Data443’s solution strengthens a company’s ability to handle spam effectively, ensuring their email communication remains safe and efficient in a world where spam poses various challenges.

Early and accurate detection

Cyren’s patented Recurrent Pattern Detection technology (RPD) detects and blocks attacks earlier than other solutions without compromising privacy of your customers’ data.

Flexible integration and licensing

Configurable layers of detection for malware outbreaks, sender IP reputation, inbound spam, and outbound spam.

Multiple integration options
to support different
environments and approaches.

Fast time to market, low maintenance, and minimal resource requirements.

Block any type of
attack and attacker

Learn how Recurrent Pattern Detection solves the challenges of detecting new threats early and accurately.

Email Security

Email Security Engine

Protect against phishing, malware, and inbound and outbound spam. Our industry-leading detection provides real-time blocking of email threats and abuse in any language or format with virtually no false positives.

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