Cyren Web Security Engine

Accurate classification of URLs and Web threats

Highly relevant web coverage, uncompromising accuracy, and real-time security solutions for URL categorization, web content filtering, parental controls, and beyond

Cyren Website URL Category Checker

As we analyze global threats to data security, each URL is classified into a category based on a variety of information – Use our Website URL Category Checker to view current categories and Alexa Rank.

Why use Cyren’s Web Security Engine

Broadest coverage of over 99% of the top
1 million most popular websites continuously categorized

Highest accuracy achieved by continuously tracking URLs to ensure exact and timely categorization

Earliest detection of web threats provided by the Cyren GlobalView security cloud

How it works

AI-driven decisions aided by advanced heuristics and 24×7 analysts 82 categories including 8 for web threats like phishing, fraud, and malware Integration options include an SDK, cloud API, daemon, and container

Accurate. Relevant. Granular.

Cyren Web Security Engine uses 82 categories across 4 general scenarios
to provide accurate and relevant classification of web content.


Content poses a risk to all users; malware, phishing, etc

Parent Control

Content inappropriate for minors; gambling, adult content, etc.


Content considered inappropriate for work environments


Content poses no risk and generally appropriate for all uses

URL Categorization

Web Security Engine

Relevant, accurate and fast classification of web pages to power web security, safe browsing, and worker productivity solutions.

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