Data Hound for Collaboration

Discover, Report and Action
Sensitive Data in any Webex Workspace

Integrating natively to the existing Data443 family of products, Data Hound for Collaboration enables you to scan all areas of Cisco's Webex  Workspaces for sensitive file attachments, conversation threads and other data types that you may need to identify.

Facilitate Data Privacy Requests faster and more accurately


sensitive data types


instantly available

Continuously monitor for information types


different file types

Perform accurate and reliable governance activities, including

Data deletion on demand

Information archiving (chats, rich media, documents) according to retention policies

Data privacy request management (GDPR, CCPA and others) that include any Webex Workspace data

Cross platform discovery and information correlation (see list here)

Register for Detailed Results

By registering you will receive highly detailed reporting based on scans of your Workspace, including full tenant capabilities.  You also receive the ability to add other systems to the discovery panel.

Simply register for your free account and you will receive an email notification once your test tenant is setup (takes 1-3 minutes).

No Registration Required

Without registering you will still receive detailed reporting based on scans of your Workspace, but no tenant capability (of course, its a free registration to get more!) Click Below to jump straight to the Cisco Webex Workspace