Meet Our Leadership Team

Jason Remillard

Founder & CEO

Jason Remillard is President & CEO of Data443, responsible for overseeing global expansion, management, execution and corporate development. With over 25 years in Global Enterprise and B2C software sales and marketing, Jason brings deep leadership & technical experience, having spent previous time at Fortune 500 companies such as Deutsche Bank, TD Bank, IBM & Merrill Lynch. 

Greg McCraw

Chief Financial Officer

Greg McCraw has over 25 years of experience helping businesses strengthen their accounting and finance operations, addressing compliance challenges in highly regulated environments and implementing accounting best practices. Mr. McCraw previously served as Vice President of Finance for a Dental Services Organization active in acquisitions, and prior to that was Managing Director of a boutique accounting and finance consulting firm advising Fortune clients in pharmaceutical, financial services, and private equity sectors on how to execute on regulatory and compliance solutions

Bennett Pursell

Chief Technology Officer

Bennett Pursell is Data443’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for operations and architecture. With over 20 years’ experience in IT architecture, security governance, and systems integration, Mr. Pursell leads the Data443 engineering organization with knowledge spanning security, cloud computing, storage and data. Prior to his role at Data443, Mr. Pursell served as Head of Technology Architecture at Moody’s Investor Services and was Vice President & Technical Architect of Cloud Computing at Deutsche Bank, along with a host of technical and project management roles dating back to 2006, after starting his career as a web developer with a few startups and running research labs.

Kirill Kashigin

Chief Software Architect

Kirill Kashigin is Chief Software Architect and leads the development and quality teams at Data443. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer of FileFacets, Kashigin serves as technical adviser and subject matter expert, bringing vast technical knowledge on privacy management and data security. Bringing almost 20 years in development of high-performance systems and deployment, Mr. Kashigin provides deep experience and capabilities to the engineering corps.