A web-based corporate collaboration software, Confluence was first developed by Atlassian.  Confluence allows teams to collaborate and share knowledge effectively. Confluence allows users to capture project requirements, assign tasks amongst the team, and manage several calendars at the same time. Confluence gives users the ability to create meeting notes, project plans, and product requirements at the same time to allow other users to see and make edits all at once.

Why Confluence?

·      Templates available to meet your daily documentation needs

·      Ability to collaborate anywhere due to iOS and android syncing

·      Ability to create a different space for each team, department or even project

·      Can integrate comments, mention colleagues or even react to messages via likes

·      Permission controls allows users to restrict content access

·      Different extensions and integrations available such as Microsoft office

·      Integrates with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk to allow teams to ship projects faster

·      Support included based on subscriptions 

·      Ability to edit files stored in Confluence

·      Feedback provided directly on files

·      Confluence keeps track of all different versions of the files to ensure you are working on the right one

·      Users can subscribe to content changes and receive notifications via email or RSS