Evernote is used to organize, plan and set reminders for various projects and can save all information in a centralized zone. It helps in organizing ideas, to-do lists, memories and set reminders. Its mobile application makes it easy to access the notes, images, videos from anywhere and quickly retrieve the information needed. Evernote keeps events planned out and organized according to the requirements of user.

Why Evernote?

  • Mobile: One can view notes from just about any platform (device) with relative ease is a significant plus, particularly for project administrators or other people who move the multiple devices on a project.
  • Feasibility: You can save your notes in different formats and follow them on different devices. The file can be uploaded. OCR feature is successful. Simple, useful and beautiful design.
  • You can add links, pictures, highlight text and many more things. Its user interface is good and tagging feature helps you search or categorize you notes well.
  • Simplicity:  It’s easy to make new notes, import images or files, take notes on them, store links with shortened URLs, record audio, and create to-do lists.
  • Sharing: The sharing of file process is simple, colleagues can use it as a space for keeping documents and notes so everyone can use the materials as needed, it also serves as project management app.