The Data443 Mission

To organize the world’s information by identifying and protecting all
sensitive data regardless of location, platform or format.

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Data443 - Whats in a Name

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Port 443 is the standard port for all secured HTTP traffic. Notice the icon lock next to a URL in your browser bar – you will see an “s” at the end of the HTTP in the URL. That “S” is a secure sockets layer (SSL), which establishes an encryption with a web server and is necessary for information protection. Just like port 443, all we do is rooted in All Things Data Security®, providing privacy native solutions for advanced data protection.


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The Data443® Framework

Starting with our 1,300+ policies in over 40 languages – we can attach to over 400 data sources and support over 1,600 file and data set types.

More important for many – we do all of this with a market-leading false positive rate – ensuring that the data knowledge set is accurate, reliable and not wasting valuable people and organizational time.

We don’t just protect data sets (no matter where they are) – we demonstrate it ourselves with our unique and extremely cost effective Ransomware Recovery Manager product. Detect sensitive data, protect it with various methods and when/if a breach occurs – you know exactly where to go.

Our Established Solutions Capabilities

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