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Comprehensive Privacy Management for the Modern Digital Organization

We make it possible for retailers to champion their customers’ privacy rights while maintaining conversion and simplifying SAR processing.

A Quality Privacy Experience for Your Customers

Make your privacy settings the new standard for user experience and customer service.
Give your customers clear access to easy-to-understand settings.

Privacy Portal

Full Privacy Portal

Give customers a one-stop location for all their privacy needs. Provide clear, accurate explanations of the data you collect and how it is used. Earn increased trust in return.


Customizable Consent

All-or-nothing consent doesn’t benefit you or your customers. Allowing customers to opt-in or out of specific data collection gives them more control and improves your conversion rates.


Simple Data Reporting

Provide an easy-to-understand report that allows customers to see what data you’ve collected, how it’s being used, and that it’s being protected properly.

Simplified Compliance

Enhance your customers’ privacy experience with rapid responses to Subject Access Requests (SARs) while simplifying processing for your team.

Automated Data Discovery

Automated Data Discovery & Mapping

Manually searching for privacy data is expensive, time-consuming, and unrealistic. Global Privacy Manager automatically searches the software, databases, servers, and devices your employees use to discover and classify data for you. 

Customizable Workflows

There is not one-size-fits-all solution for compliance. Our out-of-the-box workflows are easily tailored to fit the size and scope of your business. The automated process saves you time and confirms compliance.  

Full Proof Compliance

Future-Proof Compliance

GDPR and CCPA are the first of many privacy laws to be enacted. As more laws are adopted, Global Privacy Manager will adapt to fit the specific needs of each law, ensuring you always remain compliant.   

Experience what Global Privacy Manager can do for you.