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Sensitive Content Manager

Enable your team to collaborate and share content freely

A security-centric collaboration service designed to give organizations the tools needed for successful content sharing, collaboration and safe distribution with full enterprise management in mind.


  • Create and publish documentation in real-time. Works with PDFs, Office Documents, HTML5, and other rich media. Select your content to be protected, optionally convert it to universal formats, encrypt the files, upload the content to the appropriate storage location, and make the content available to authorized end-users.
  • Full distribution and user management capabilities. Register, manage and monitor protected content based on internal system policies on a global or individual level. With digital rights management (DRM) functions, content can be distributed securely with various controls.
  • Audit-friendly reporting and analytics functionality. Leverage a comprehensive suite of reports and data interfaces for auditing users, content, and activities. Reporting is implemented using industry-standard interfaces, allowing for data and presentation customizations. Sensitive Content Manager can even be integrated into your own reporting systems or executive dashboards using provided data views

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