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Easy Archiving at a Fraction of the Cost

ArcMail Captures, Archives and Controls Access for all electronic communications ensuring organizations are ready for eDiscovery, business continuity, regulatory compliance and information governance. We are the straight forward, easy to manage solution providing comprehensive archive functionality at a tenth of the price of our competitors. 

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure their archiving solution is tailored to meet their unique needs and environment. Backed by our innovative team of engineering and archiving experts, ArcMail is synonymous with “Enterprise Information And Archiving Made Simple”.  Every ArcMail customer gains peace of mind only obtainable from knowing their discoverable information is being archived using a compliant and secure solution that is scalable, dependable, and easy to install, deploy, use, and maintain.

How It Works


Comprehensive capture directly from the source in its unaltered form, across all employees and all supported channels, guaranteeing accurate, complete, and unmodified archives of all messages.


Data is stored in a secure, tamper-proof archive repository of your choice. ArcMail features granular retention rules with secure and customizable access and permissions.


ArcMail allows users to easily access their archived data whenever and wherever they are. ArcMails users both basic and advanced Boolean search and extensive import and export capabilities.



Archiving Appliance

Enterprise quality and performance in an affordable turnkey solution.

ArcMail Defender, our award-winning line of archiving appliances, offers 1-32 TB of data storage and can easily and economically be scaled beyond that to meet a company’s growing data requirements. ArcMail Defender takes into account all the latest platforms and technologies, so that every content type – including email attachments -- is indexed, archived, and accessible at a moment’s notice. Whether your company uses multiple email domains, messaging, or collaboration platforms, we have that covered. The Defender not only archives all of a company’s important business data, but also integrates and automates it so it works together under a single archiving repository. Best of all, ArcMail Defender is easy to own and easy to afford. Our customers’ most valuable content is there when they need it and out of the way when they don’t.

Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid

FlipThe performance of an appliance with the flexibility of the cloud Box

ArcMail’s Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway gives our customers the power to search faster, store smarter, and protect better while leveraging their existing infrastructure investment. For highly-regulated industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, and Government, ArcMail’s Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid Gateway enables the organization to scale their archived data in an extremely cost-effective and simple manner. Instead of being locked into a cloud storage vendor, Hybrid Gateway customers have the freedom to choose virtually any cloud storage partner -- Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack among others.

Virtual (VM) Archiving

Enterprise quality and performance residing in your existing virtual environment

The ArcMail VM Archiving Software solution resides in the customer’s virtualized environment, either on-premise or in the cloud. ArcMail’s VM Software is designed to run in either a VMWare or MS Hyper-V environment and provides the same rich feature set as ArcMail’s archiving appliance product. Built for scale and flexibility, ArcMail’s VM Archiving Software is available in configurations ranging from 1-16 TB. Our customers can increase their archived storage and change the location of that storage, as needed. And should their storage go offline, our customers’ archived data will be kept safely in the VM Instance until they are back online again.

Fully Hosted Archiving Solutions

Simple, Secure and Affordable fully-managed archiving


For companies who are better served by outsourcing their email and other electronic data archiving, ArcMail’s Fully-Hosted Archiving Service is a simple solution. Whether archiving is required for eDiscovery, compliance, or ongoing information governance, our customers can be confident that all needs will be met. ArcMail’s Fully-Hosted Archiving Service provides a turnkey approach to reliable and secure managed enterprise archiving. With the organization’s archived data in a secure off-site location, our customer has no additional storage to manage, no more bogged down servers, and a secure, redundant data repository for their business.

"ArcMail is the down and dirty, easy-to-manage archiving solution we had been searching for and we couldn't beat the price. It's exactly we needed and delivers every time."




With ArcMail’s fully customizable and granular retention policies, organizations can ensure accurate and compliant copies of all data and communications are retained for the entire period required for each unique piece of data. Arcmail captures and preserves records in an unalterable, non-deletable, compliant format that meets compliance. Role-based security controls ensure that only authorized personnel have access to data within the archive, and comprehensive audit trails record every system and user activity.

Discoverable electronic information can be found on file servers and email servers, in backup storage, or on individual employees’ desktops. These multiple locations put the availability of electronic information at risk when the organization is relying on employee control in lieu of an archiving system — employees may not concern themselves with the format, specific location, or preservation of discoverable data, and can delete or misplace discoverable data due to lack of training or negligence. 

Compliance regulations vary by industry and location, as well as by whether or not an organization is publicly traded. The regulations specify what information must be retained, how long the information must be retained, and under what circumstances. Compliance usually requires retaining discoverable electronic information for a designated period of time in a secure but easily accessible location.  In order to remain compliant, organizations must consistently re-evaluate their internal controls to ensure they are continuing to meet requirements.  Sustainable compliance requires a properly focused information governance strategy and associated retention policies, along with disciplined enforcement.

Electronic discovery is the process of providing specific files, emails, and other electronic data requested in a lawsuit by the opposing legal counsel. FRCP states that discovery can include any discoverable information assembled in digital form, including all business and tax records, e-mails, attachments, images, databases, spreadsheets, PDFs, and other electronic information.  eDiscovery requests usually require data to be produced in their “native” format.  ArcMail enterprise information and email archiving solutions support open archiving standards such as XML, PDF, CSV, PPT, and other formats, giving our customers the flexibility to produce any electronic content in its original format as required for litigation.


How it Works

Not only is ArcMail a leading solutions provider, we are the go-to entity for companies in search of expertise, information, and supporting resources as they investigate their need and develop strategies for enterprise information and email archiving.  We take pride in the ability to provide customers the most affordable direct, simplified, easy to use, compliant archiving solution on the market. Offering comparable functionality at 10% of the cost.

ArcMail recognizes that customers’ needs are not met through a “cookie cutter/one size fits all” approach.

As the expert in the enterprise information and email archiving market, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure their archiving solution is tailored to meet their unique situation and environment.

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