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Easy Archiving at a Fraction of the Cost

ArcMail Captures, Archives and Controls Access for all electronic communications ensuring organizations are ready for eDiscovery, business continuity, regulatory compliance and information governance. We are the straight forward, easy to manage solution providing comprehensive archive functionality at a tenth of the price of our competitors. 

We work in partnership with our customers to ensure their archiving solution is tailored to meet their unique needs and environment. Backed by our innovative team of engineering and archiving experts, ArcMail is synonymous with “Enterprise Information And Archiving Made Simple”.  Every ArcMail customer gains peace of mind only obtainable from knowing their discoverable information is being archived using a compliant and secure solution that is scalable, dependable, and easy to install, deploy, use, and maintain.

How It Works


Comprehensive capture directly from the source in its unaltered form, across all employees and all supported channels, guaranteeing accurate, complete, and unmodified archives of all messages.


Data is stored in a secure, tamper-proof archive repository of your choice. ArcMail features granular retention rules with secure and customizable access and permissions.


ArcMail allows users to easily access their archived data whenever and wherever they are. ArcMails users both basic and advanced Boolean search and extensive import and export capabilities.





How it Works

Not only is ArcMail a leading solutions provider, we are the go-to entity for companies in search of expertise, information, and supporting resources as they investigate their need and develop strategies for enterprise information and email archiving.  We take pride in the ability to provide customers the most affordable direct, simplified, easy to use, compliant archiving solution on the market. Offering comparable functionality at 10% of the cost.

ArcMail recognizes that customers’ needs are not met through a “cookie cutter/one size fits all” approach.

As the expert in the enterprise information and email archiving market, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure their archiving solution is tailored to meet their unique situation and environment.

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