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New Ordering System and Privacy Safe Seal™

Over the past few weeks our developers have been working the sister product of our extremely popular GDPR and CCPA framework plugins for WordPress – called The Privacy Safe Seal.

Surveys in Data Governance – Is There Room For Them?

For companies aiming to be in full compliance with the CCPA when the law is enacted on January 1st, data governance, data mapping, and data inventory should be at the forefront of priorities. These processes are essential to any compliancy initiative – but what happens when they are unreliable, and data maps


Do you know how the California Consumer Privacy Act stacks up to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation?

Opt-In or Opt-Out: Which Route Should Your Organization Go?

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) launched a worldwide conversation on data security and consumer data protections. As historical data breaches continue to happen on a way-too-frequent basis, and data privacy legislation expands across the globe, companies are taking a harder look at their privacy policies and their obligations under each

GDPR in 2019: We’ve Only Just Begun

E-mails, pop-ups, and opt-out messages flooded inboxes and browsers in 2018 as companies began to worry about consent governance and privacy regulation – and the business impact of non-compliance. The General Data Protection Act brought awareness and attention to data privacy across the world. When GDPR went into effect in


 The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)  has been law for quite some time, but new federal data breach and compromise notification requirements went into effect November 1st, 2018. PIPEDA applies to all organizations that are federally regulated and fall under legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada, along

New WordPress GDPR Framework update – 1.0.18!

BY JASON REMILLARD THIS WEEK WE RELEASED ANOTHER UPGRADE TO OUR MOST RECENT PRODUCT CAPABILITY – THE WORDPRESS GDPR FRAMEWORK.   Hey everyone – just a quick update (if you haven’t already been notified by your WordPress console yet) that we have pushed out version 1.0.18. Although the feature list looks small

Release 1.0.14 is now available of The WordPress GDPR Framework

THIS WEEK WE RELEASED ANOTHER UPGRADE TO OUR MOST RECENT PRODUCT CAPABILITY – THE WORDPRESS GDPR FRAMEWORK.   Changelog 1.0.14 (RELEASED AUG 29) Make Cookie Popup Optional 1.0.13 (RELEASED AUG 28) Proper update – upload failure on previous promo 1.0.12 (RELEASED AUG 27) Change comment consent text Add english (canada) to supported

New Release is now available of The WordPress GDPR Framework

Today we released an upgrade to our most recent product capability – The WordPress GDPR Framework.  While in past lives I have done much in the WordPress plugin arena – for Data443 this is a run of many firsts.. Setting up the infrastructure, clearing out a backlog of bugs and enhancements,