The Distribution Process

Create & Publish

Works with PDFs, Office Documents, HTML5, and other rich media. The secure publisher allows you to select your content to be protected, optionally convert it to universal formats, encrypt the files, upload the content to the appropriate storage location, and make the content available to authorized end-users.

Distribute & Manage

The Management Server enables content owners to register, manage, and monitor their protected content. The cloud-based platform provides for flexibility in your system policies on a global level, or for individual content.



The apps, available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, connect to the management server to authenticate users and obtain licenses for the secure viewing of digital content. Our apps can be extensively branded and customized for your organization.

Software as a Service enables fast deployment and unlimited scalability.

Sensitive Content Manager™ is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing clients to utilize our services without hardware or infrastructure investments. Servers, updates and IT management of your secure distribution system are managed by Data443.

For clients that require their data to be stored in-house, Sensitive Content Manager can support the storage of content on private or public servers that you control.

Customized Enterprise Applications with specialized branding and workflows.

Our apps are customized for each client with security and convenience features configured to meet your organizational needs.

Apps can be privately distributed or they can be published directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play on your behalf depending on your specific needs.

Support for all devices in your organization, now and in the future.

Technology changes at a rapid pace, organizations must be prepared to adapt to their workforce’s needs.

Our apps are available on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Integration to build enhanced content protection and distribution.

The Data443 team has extensive experience in providing customized solutions.

The Management Server allows quick and easy integration with user directory services such as OAuth and LDAP allowing for centralized enterprise user administration and single sign-on password management.

A robust application programming interface (API) allows for quick integration with any existing user or customer management system or can be used to develop an entirely new user interface, customized to meet your precise needs and security concerns.