Sensitive Content Manager™ provides a comprehensive suite of features including Notes and Annotations, Background-Sync, Offline viewing, and Reporting & Analytics. In addition, Sensitive Content Manager™ provides several automation and collaboration options to improve productivity.

BYOD Bring Your Own Device Support

Leverage the existing investment in device technology. Sensitive Content Manager™ Apps and files are managed from the Enterprise…

Single Sign-On, Remote Wipe, and Content Encryption with Digital Rights Management Controls to ensure Content Remains Secure.

Multi-File Type and Media Support

Supports all of the content you already have. Many file types are supported including PDF, MS Office, Audio, Video (MP4), HTML, HTML5 and Graphic Files.

Notes and Annotations

Create and share your notes and drawing annotations with a single associate or the entire team directly on your iPad.

Notes and annotations are encrypted alongside content and can be synced to the server to ensure the information remains available at all times.

Background Sync

Sync all of your content, so it is available when and where you need it, even offline.

Automatically updates documents with the latest version and removes unnecessary content that is no longer needed or has been amended.

Content Library

Our apps provide a built-in library that enables your users to easily search for and view the content they need.

The library is managed and organized by the system administrator, and will be configured to meet your company’s needs.

Each user can only access the areas of the library they have permission to view, ensuring that the right information is going to the right people.


Includes an electronic signature system that allows users to digitally sign documents on any device.

Signatures are tracked for review through the Management Console. If a document is updated, Sensitive Content Manager™ will automatically prompt the user to resign the document.

Offline Viewing

Enable your content to be viewed offline while ensuring its security. Viewing content while offline is a critical feature for users who are travelling, mobile, or in an area with an inconsistent connection.

Enables your confidential content to be viewed while offline, while still maintaining the high levels of security and rights management your organization needs.

Auditing, Reporting, & Analytics

Provides a comprehensive suite of reports and data interfaces for auditing users, content, and activities. Organizations can monitor general content and user activities, or drill down to a specific user or piece of content to view detailed information.

Reporting is implemented using industry-standard interfaces, and allows data and presentation customizations. In addition, organizations can integrate Sensitive Content Manager™ into their own reporting systems or executive dashboards using the provided data views.

User Management

Provides user management functions that meet your organizational needs allowing you to control and deliver your content.

Users can access content individually, or through group rights. Groups are completely customizable and can represent committees, product teams, and other organizational roles.

Users can be added via the management portal, via the API, or imported from existing systems. May also be integrated with existing user provisioning and support systems through Custom Services.

Digital Rights Management

Provides digital rights management (DRM) functions that allow you to securely distribute your content.

When protecting your content with Sensitive Content Manager™, a variety of digital rights access controls are available. To update content, easily republish it, and it will automatically update on the user’s device, eliminating confusion and conflict with older versions.

Content can be added via the management portal, through the Publishing API, or can be protected in batch from existing content storage.

Surveys and Quizzes

With HTML5 support, the platform can deliver a wide variety of feedback mechanisms. Sensitive Content Manager™ also provides an in-app survey function for user feedback.