DataExpress® offers a range of solutions to transfer sensitive data quickly, easily and securely over the public Internet, while tracking your data at every step. Our products run on open systems (DXOP) and HP NonStop systems (DXNS), and can be expanded to provide secure managed file transfer that fits your needs.

DataExpress® Open Platform (DXOP)

DXOP supports mission-critical transmission needs by enabling customers to schedule, route and securely transfer business-critical data over both public and private networks. Available on Windows, UNIX, Linux and OSX, DXOP utilizes multiple protocols and security features. DXOP consolidates and manages all enterprise file movement operations in a secure, centralized and highly controllable command environment. Automation improves operational efficiencies, enabling monitoring and regulatory policy compliance for SLA, processes, security and access, while eliminating many redundant processes inherent to most enterprise infrastructures.

  • *NEW* 2FA
  • Enhanced monitoring and control
  • Scheduled operation for both inbound and outbound file transfers
  • Exception and non-event notification and tracing
  • Pre-defined exception processing
  • Extensive logging and tracking
  • Browser-based management, control and reporting
  • Multi-platform hosting and execution
  • LDAP and Active Directory authentication capable
  • Role Management
  • Endpoint and Endpoint Group accounting
  • Event stacking for maximum efficiency
  • Communication Protocols include:
      HTTP and HTTP/S
      WebDAV (SSL)
      Interface to IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®
  • DXOP CoOperating Servers 
  • Allows two or more DXOP Core Servers to be operationally aware of each other
  • Monitors configured partner file transfer job submission
  • Assumes control of jobs on expiration of timeout
  • Uses shared or replicated databases
  • Uses network attached shared file storage

DataExpress® Secure Gateway (DXSG)

DXSG’s primary mission is to mitigate risk to a host application server file transfer environment. A DataExpress® feature, Secure Gateway deploys as a DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) point-of-presence, isolating both DataExpress® and the host application server from the Internet.

Traditional managed file transfer implementations expose the entire host platform to public-facing Internet hazards. To affect access and some control, installations drill holes and limit port assignments via firewalls and routers. This practice does not fully address the potential risk and severely limits protocol selection and interaction with outside partners.

A DataExpress® Secure Gateway solution is a single DataExpress® host server with one or more Secure Gateway instances associated with it. The DataExpress® host server retains all monitoring, administration, operations and control over the DataExpress® infrastructure and operation. All files processed by DataExpress® are stored and maintained by the DataExpress® host server on its native secured infrastructure.

High Availability

  • Multiple Secure Gateways may be deployed.
  • Under High Availability, should a single Secure Gateway instance fail, another Secure Gateway instance will take over all activity.


  • Provides additional security for DataExpress® by shielding it from the Internet for IP-based communications.
  • Files always reside within the secure confines of the enterprise.
  • There is no requirement for inbound or outbound files to be staged to edge FTP or application servers where data could be at risk.

Risk Reduction

  • Secure Gateway instances function as proxy servers and inline protocol converters.
  • Data files are streamed securely to and from the DataExpress® core server.
  • All Internet-based traffic is restricted to communication with Secure Gateway.
  • The DataExpress® core server, database and data storage facilities remain safely protected inside your internal network.
  • Communication channels between the Secure Gateways and the DataExpress® core server can be configured for software encryption.

DataExpress® Remote Agent (DXRA)

DXRA removes the need for remote offices to understand the comprehensive intricacies of secure file transfer. Deployed as a small, stand-alone application as either a desktop or server agent, DXRA takes control of a non-managed and decentralized file transfer environment and transforms it into a secure and managed environment, where the appropriate policies can be applied.

  • DXOP server Initiated and Controlled for distribution and collection.
  • Secured to communicate with known DXOP server.
  • DXOP server notification when files are available for collection.
  • Email notification to DXRA user when files are exchanged with DXOP server.
  • Pre and Post processing and script execution.
  • Automatic encryption/decryption.
  • “Drag and Drop” operation by user to/from specified “watched” directory triggers file transfer event.

DXOP Impulse

DXOP Impulse adds an “ad-hoc” capability to provide a secure method of sending and receiving files, on demand, securely via DXOP without requiring pre-definition of the recipient. Impulse presents a browser-based ability for a user to identify files to be distributed to one or many recipients via HTTP. Emails notifying the intended receivers are sent automatically, identifying the URL and unique one-time ID and password required to download the data via a secure channel.

  • Reduced dependence on email to deliver and receive documents as attachments, reducing the byte volume, server storage and local storage of documents and files.
  • DXOP standard features accurately track and account for all activity related to staging and downloading files and documents.
  • Ability to deliver to multiple recipients with one local distribution.
  • Tracking and accounting information available to sender only.
  • Augments policy regarding method, tracking.
  • Automatic and tracked destruction of files and documents based on sender’s choice of expiry dates.
  • Customizable email text including disclaimer and use restriction information.


DXOP HTTPBot is an add-on DataExpress® Open Platform (DXOP) module that allows files to be uploaded and downloaded via HTTP or HTTPS protocols in an automated and auditable manner.

  • Easy setup and use.
  • Session recording via proxy for initial setup.
  • Pre-execution session Job and Step editing.
  • Utilizes standard DXOP features for managing file names.
  • Bi-directional ability to upload or download files and documents.
  • DXOP standard features accurately track and account for all activity related to uploading and downloading files and documents.
  • Executes as a standard DXOP Job that can be scheduled with customizable follow-on step processing.
  • All standard DXOP features and functions are available.
  • Reduce manual “hands-on” operation via browser operation.
  • ID and Password are maintained in encrypted format in DXOP and not reported in DXOP logs.

DataExpress® NonStop (DXNS)

DXNS is an HP NonStop server-based application for secure managed file transfer enabling customers to schedule, route, format and securely transfer business-critical data over both public and private networks. DataExpress® links legacy systems with current technology trends, supporting mission-critical transmission needs, including data security, reformatting and data validation services traversing and embracing multiple protocols.

  • Applies common scheduling, tracking and error reporting methodology to the transmission of files taken from various communications or storage sources.
  • Addresses any required reformatting with data validation, translation, duplicate file detection and basic data mapping.
  • Tracks progress of files through the transfer process.
  • On-screen real-time alarms alert the operator.
  • Notifications dispatched to remote monitoring applications or devices.
  • Can operate in client or server mode to push or pull files.
  • Ability to send or receive scheduled and unscheduled transmissions.
  • Tracks transfers against time-based SLA requirements.
  • Supports and manages multiple communications and file transfer protocols, such as FTP, SSH (requires comForte SecureFTP/SSH), TLS (requires comForte SecureFTP/SSL), IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct®, Async, Bisync, SNA.
  • Synchronizes configuration information across multiple nodes to support high availability implementations.

Is cheaper really better and faster?

You didn’t build your network around consumer grade routers, switches and firewalls. Why would you trust your mission-critical sensitive data distribution to a consumer-grade, support-by-email file transfer product? Would your CIO agree this is the best option? How would your customers feel about their personal data being moved through the public domain without full security?

You didn’t build your computing infrastructure around consumer-grade motherboards, memory chips, and CPU’s. Why would you trust a home-grown, dispersed, unmanaged, unsecured, FTP-only based file transfer product? Is it really the lowest-cost option, based on the value of your business? When it comes to service level agreements, are you sure your solution meets your customer’s expectations? Would your CIO agree? Was it proven with an audit?

Who do you call for support in the middle of the night, during a holiday or other peak transmission times, when your secure file transfer application fails? How long do you have to wait for a bug to be fixed if you run into an issue?

How will you manage audit requirements if your data is breached or stolen because you used a low-cost file transfer product that didn’t provide logging or tracking capabilities? Will the explanation “but we saved money” ease your customers concerns when their data is compromised or stolen? Can you trust that your file transfer product complies with ever changing regulatory standards?

Anyone can move bits and bytes between business units, customers and machines, but have you asked yourself if your business, your relationships and your reputation can survive if the integrity of that data is compromised?

Want assurance?

Choose DataExpress®, the secure, managed file transfer product, as your company standard and gain the confidence of knowing you have a purpose-built application that we are proud of, backed by the support of a group of professionals who have a deep understanding of moving data.

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