DataExpress® offers a range of solutions to transfer sensitive data quickly, easily and securely over the public Internet, while tracking your data at every step. Our products run on open systems (DXOP) and HP NonStop systems (DXNS), and can be expanded to provide secure managed file transfer that fits your needs.

DataExpress® Open Platform (DXOP)

DataExpress® Secure Gateway (DXSG)

DataExpress® Remote Agent (DXRA)

DXOP Impulse


DataExpress® NonStop (DXNS)

Is cheaper really better and faster?

You didn’t build your network around consumer grade routers, switches and firewalls. Why would you trust your mission-critical sensitive data distribution to a consumer-grade, support-by-email file transfer product? Would your CIO agree this is the best option? How would your customers feel about their personal data being moved through the public domain without full security?

You didn’t build your computing infrastructure around consumer-grade motherboards, memory chips, and CPU’s. Why would you trust a home-grown, dispersed, unmanaged, unsecured, FTP-only based file transfer product? Is it really the lowest-cost option, based on the value of your business? When it comes to service level agreements, are you sure your solution meets your customer’s expectations? Would your CIO agree? Was it proven with an audit?

Who do you call for support in the middle of the night, during a holiday or other peak transmission times, when your secure file transfer application fails? How long do you have to wait for a bug to be fixed if you run into an issue?

How will you manage audit requirements if your data is breached or stolen because you used a low-cost file transfer product that didn’t provide logging or tracking capabilities? Will the explanation “but we saved money” ease your customers concerns when their data is compromised or stolen? Can you trust that your file transfer product complies with ever changing regulatory standards?

Anyone can move bits and bytes between business units, customers and machines, but have you asked yourself if your business, your relationships and your reputation can survive if the integrity of that data is compromised?

Want assurance?

Choose DataExpress®, the secure, managed file transfer product, as your company standard and gain the confidence of knowing you have a purpose-built application that we are proud of, backed by the support of a group of professionals who have a deep understanding of moving data.

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