Inventory, Classify and Secure Every Data Point, Every Time.

ClassiDocs™ takes the effort out of classifying your data by applying the same rules, technology, machine learning, and ongoing classification stewardship throughout the organization. This ensures always-accurate, continually relevant data security for your whole IT estate.

Data Security Isn’t Just for IT Anymore.
Empower Your Employees to Take Ownership Where They Are.

Who owns the data in your organization? It’s not IT, nor management (though they may be ultimately responsible for it). In most cases, data is owned by the person who created it. Why not empower them to keep it secure? ClassiDocs™ is unique in that it enables the data creator to build, augment, and refine the classification process so they can govern the data they create and communicate its value across the organization.

User-First Design Enables Effective Use with No Training

ClassiDocs™ is purposefully user-centric to increase adoption and adherence with no training. Users always experience ease-of-use control with minimal interruptions and your-company-specific branding so they engage quickly and make fewer mistakes.

Administration is also simple via an easy-to-understand, centralized control panel that delivers both preset and customizable analytics.

Fast, Cost-Effective Deployment with Easy Integration

ClassiDocs™ can deploy in minutes using your existing infrastructure, no special ports or configuration items required. The platform easily integrates with DLP, CASB, SIEM, and cloud solutions to fortify security.

Winner of 3 - 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Finalist for Infosec Award 2018