DATA443 Closes First Acquisition

Industry leading Data Classification, Governance and GDPR Compliance product – ClassiDocs – has been acquired by Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.

Raleigh, NC, January 29, 2018 (OTC Disclosure & News Service)

ClassiDocs was developed out of the belief that user-centric data classification and governance techniques can be done better, more reliably and with less cost. Coupled with a unique value proposition for cyber security program enablement – ClassiDocs actively integrates with core cyber security investments already made, such as: DLP, SIEM systems, IAM Platforms and forensics. Additionally, it natively integrates with Cloud-based Data & Compute platforms such as Microsoft™ Azure.

ClassiDocs is the only Data Classification & Governance platform that provides organizations with a GDPR compliance interface that facilitates queries required to complete PII-based searches across data files (unstructured) and databases (structured) data sets – for the whole enterprise. Having the only endpoint-based classification engine – this unique unified view portal gives organizations a full view and search capability across their whole data estate – Network, Workstation and Cloud – resulting in significantly reduced costs associated with the GDPR (and other privacy-related legislation).

“Data443 is the perfect launch vehicle for our ultimate product and acquisition plans – to find and deliver on the whitespace that is available in the data & cyber security marketplace. As our capabilities increase – both operationally and financially – Data443 will continue to grow organically and by acquisition where appropriate.”, adds Mr. Remillard.

ClassiDocs’s unique implementation of Machine Learning enables organizations to quickly train the algorithms with native business-based datasets – seamlessly for all involved. This provides a data rich environment for the Machine Learning algorithms to learn upon – widely known as one of the most expensive parts of machine training – data set training has been effectively reduced to zero effort and cost.

“ClassiDocs has performed well in the marketplace and will be announcing new product functionality, customer wins and industry awards shortly”, finished Mr. Remillard. “The GDPR and compliance requirements are growing quickly for all organizations – the market opportunity for capabilities in this arena are significant.”.