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All too often it becomes easy to assume data is where you need it and that our commitment to others to provide them with the files they require has been completed as scheduled, on time, with no loss of integrity. And yet, just as often, something in the environment has changed and those long-serving scripts begin to fail – you only find this out when your customer calls you and wants to know where their data is. As the world of IT talks incessantly about data the need to be certain your data is moved to where it’s supposed to be is not only a service to your business partners and clients, but is a reminder that in today’s highly automated world there are still tasks that mandate some level of intervention and where our dependence on scripts and the talents of individuals can leave us terribly exposed.If the talk about data is drowning out almost everything else taking place in IT then it is just as likely that services are right up there in terms of priority. Whether it’s a service in support of an end user, services in support of the entire ecosystem within which we operate, including government and industry bodies, or simply the move to externalizing our applications as services, we face challenges from every direction and the expectation is that we will make data and files available immediately. On the other hand, no matter what we do, service, after all, is one of those deliverables that is always about perception and has always been “in the eye of the beholder”. Yet there is rarely a conversation held or an analysis published in IT that doesn’t focus on the customer driven world around us – a world that is only a click away on your smartphone or tablet, and as if it’s too slow you move along, translating to a lost opportunity.

IT professionals on the other hand have begun to enhance the dialogue – “it’s a dataaa world! It’s a dataaa world, after all!” Apologies to Disney for paraphrasing their classic tune from the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, entrenched in every Disney theme park ever since, but the results are similar. There are LinkedIn groups focused on nothing but data – there’s one small group we know called Data Driven Apps, for instance.

There is Big Data, Data Streams, Data Lakes, perhaps too even Data Puddles (?) and of course, the older more traditional Data Warehouses. There is data analytics and data visualization and a whole lot more – do a search on Google for “data” and you will get more than 10 billion references and that doesn’t even include the Star Trek character, Data. What did they know all those years ago when Star Trek First Generation appeared? And, of course, what spaceship did Data live on – the Enterprise!

At DataExpress we have witnessed firsthand this transition to a services-oriented model. Some of the biggest card processors with whom we interact almost on a daily basis are little more than facilitators for moving data to where it’s needed – lakes, streams, puddles, whatever. It’s important to know that data is never “done”, but rather is subject to deconstruction, reassembly, enrichment, analytics, not to mention everything designed to protect the sensitivity of that data.

This was the theme of the feature article published in the February, 2019 issue of NonStop Insider, DataExpress – it will always be about where the data is! and you will find the above references and much more in that article. Check it out and let us know if you have any further questions as we would be only too happy to talk to you about this and about all the features available in DataExpress NonStop (DXNS).

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