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These are the best of times and well, yes, these are the best of times. From the insights we are gaining here at DataExpress, contrary to this popular saying, there really aren’t any bad times ahead. Of course, we are interested in seeing HPE sell more NonStop systems, an observation which we are sure is shared by other members of the NonStop vendor community. Looking back on all that transpired in 2018 we can see that HPE has done a solid job of equipping all those parties working with NonStop with all the tools that will be needed to succeed with NonStop, but it still begs the question – will HPE sales teams grab the ball and run with it and have focus on NonStop in any meaningful way?Looking ahead at 2019 the only real question we have is whether there will be any impact felt within the NonStop community following the news of a number of impending retirements. While it is the nature of the technology industry to cycle through personnel over time it seems that for 2019 it will be particularly noticeable as a generation of NonStop managers, including sales, that have been with HPE for a number of decades, departs the scene.

We are sure HPE will do a good job plugging any holes that appear but all the same, with such a rich palate of NonStop offerings from which to choose, it is still very much about the “feet on the street,” selling NonStop.

We are hopeful, of course, that there will be little loss of sales momentum during the transition to a new generation of managers but as a small vendor DataExpress sees this as the biggest challenge facing the NonStop community in 2019. We have been through similar transitions in the past – who can forget the changes that took place shortly after Compaq acquired Tandem Computers – and can only hope for the best. But having said that, like many in the vendor community we will be keeping a watchful eye on all NonStop sales efforts during the first half of 2019.

As for DataExpress, we see plenty of opportunities for NonStop and have been pleased to hear of more NonStop users being added to the NonStop community, but even so, there is work to be done to get the message of the new, transformed NonStop into the global marketplace.

These happen to be the opening paragraphs of an article that was just published in the January, 2019 issue of NonStop and to read the full article, just follow this link – and when done, feel free to contact us at