When there are so many discussions on the topic of change and pivot points and yes, disruptive technologies, it is good to hear that among developers there are still regular, routine tasks that need to be pursued. Whether it is accommodating a new communications protocol, a different message format, a revised user interface or adding additional layers of security, there is always “the next release” demanding the dedicated attention of the developer. At DataExpress such development has been the topic of the year so far as work has been accelerating of late with our development team undertaking one of the biggest upgrades to our open systems product, Data Express Open Platform (DXOP). Support for Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW) has become an important component in our product portfolio and one where our sales partner, comforte, is ramping up its efforts as there isn’t a user we know of that doesn’t have at least one requirement to move files securely, not just out of NonStop but out of adjacent platforms – wouldn’t it be nice if operations only had to interact with one interface?

At the heart of our DXOP product we had a legacy communications engine anchoring all the capabilities we provided, but of late it was showing its age. With the work development is now wrapping up, the new DXOP will be powered by an engine that will provide vastly superior throughput, a much easier path to feature enhancements, broader accommodation of industry and marketplace mandates and regulatory requirements and of course, take advantage of modern and future security options.

“While we can’t point a finger at any one user asking us to pull the covers apart to work on the engine,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “it really is the right time to undertake this work which is very much our own initiative because while we can handle great throughput today, we are wanting to stay ahead of the curve and we see the demand to move even more data, using the most secure encryption available, becoming ever more prevalent across the entire IT landscape.”

It is also important to note that there will be benefits passed on to the NonStop user of DataExpress when it comes to instances where there is a heterogeneous mix of NonStop and any of the LUX platforms. “With the changes being made to DXOP, we see functionality from DXOP passing to DXNS. Only with the changes we are now making, will we be able to build a better front-end to DXNS from DXOP – in essence, positioning DXOP as an externalized secure gateway in the DMZ for DXNS. And this is something we are already seeing our customers showing interest in obtaining from us,” added Whittington. “This upcoming release of DXOP in many ways will be more versatile than what we have today with DXNS. That isn’t surprising to find when you talk to developers – find a module (you need) and just plug it in –  such a level of modularity just isn’t available to DataExpress in the world of NonStop. But here’s the thing, with the combination of DXNS and DXOP, as we are now architecting it, there isn’t anything new that could come to market that we cannot accommodate with DataExpress!”

“Looking beyond heterogeneous systems as we run into today and at potentially hybrid IT deployments,” said Whittington, “we need to understand a lot more about the exact configuration of any proposed hybrid where a cloud is involved.” Like other vendors supporting the NonStop ecosystem, we have watched our NonStop customers come to gradually trust OSS even as we know of plenty of NonStop users exhibiting a high degree of caution about the OSS personality.

“Point is, we could run  DXOP in the OSS personality – it’s all implemented in Java – and we see some elements of what will likely happen with hybrid IT. Degrees of caution! But if OSS and similarly, hybrid IT, develop traction with NonStop users, then in time this new version of DXOP with the enhanced engine we have built, may become the sole product we support – capable of running on multiple personalities on NonStop as easily as it can run on any LUW platform. Frameworks, GUIs and engines are never sexy items subject to expensive promotional campaigns and yet, they set the stage for what will come and as such, deserve a lot of recognition by those who will come to depend upon the products they support!”

Should you be a NonStop user and would like to know more about DXNS and / or DXOP, then just reach out to us or to our partners, the comforte team. Either way will work, but the most important thing here is to call – one thing is for sure, you will be facing more data and a lot more files and there will be plenty of instances where you just have to move them – automatically and safely!