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DataExpress: Observations and requests following TBC 2019

Burlingame, CA

It was a packed house for the opening keynote at this year’s HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). Held once again at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, California, it proved to be a visible reinforcement of the popularity of HPE NonStop systems. At a time when so much attention is being given to the importance of data it’s good to know that it is this community that is running mission critical applications on NonStop where data is created. It’s also a time when the NonStop community hears firsthand of how many industries are being served by NonStop, but perhaps best of all, it proved to be a time when 100+ attendees stood up to let us all know that they were first time participants. For many who have been present at NonStop events through the decades it was a reminder of ITUG Summits of years past.

In the weeks since the event wrapped-up there has been a lot written about the event. As it was close to the end of the year for members of the NonStop vendor community a lot of attention was focused on last-minute “networking” opportunities as the venue was an ideal place to close business. However, amidst it all there were two items that were hard to miss: the Under40SIG being involved in almost everything; the Hackathon being one example, but the midnight pub crawl brought back even more memories from ITUG summits past – the presence of a large contingent from Asia-Pacific/Japan.

Seeing how interested this contingent was in all things was encouraging and certainly reinforced news that HPE had been providing of the growing popularity of NonStop on the other side of the Pacific. Growth of NonStop sales in any region is always good news for the NonStop community and the NonStop team certainly delivered in 2019. When it came to the keynote presentations then hearing from HPE VP  & GM, Mission Critical Systems, Jeff Kyle of how the attention of the organization was very much focused on vision and strategy execution – completing upgrades to NonStop X as well as progressing the introduction of virtualized NonStop –  was encouraging. So many new products and features have been announced at past events it was truly enlightening to hear that these had found broad acceptance across the NonStop user community. While for some it may have meant their wish lists were being addressed, for NonStop vendors like ourselves it meant that we were busily assembling new wish lists – everything-as-a-service? Will this develop traction with the NonStop community or is this simply addressing needs of users apart from NonStop. I suspect that this will be something we will have to watch more keenly in the coming years.

As for our attendance at major events, as a NonStop vendor no event looms bigger on the calendar than the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). Not to belabor the point, but with all that was going on around us, this was a trip our team in Texas couldn’t make. Fortunately though, we have staff in California so it was left to DataExpress senior analyst, Susan (Susie) Raye, to take it all in and she did an admirable job in doing just that. News on updates for CLIMs, TCP/IP and more – all to further reduce any potential issues with the network were of particular interest. According to Susie, the session on TCP/IP failover was among the best attended session she attended during the event.

This was the theme of our latest article published in the November 2019 issue of NonStop Insider. If you have not read this article, look for DataExpress – it’s all in the move! You will read of this and much more. The important consideration for all NonStop users is that the spotlight is now firmly aimed at NonStop systems as these transaction processors are where data is created and we all know, data has to be integrated, transformed, enriched and for any of this to happen, these users have to move that data and moving data is what we have been doing for decades. 

It was also good to see that HPE continues to help its partners – as it was revealed early on in the event, according to Susie, when it comes to the bigger HPE organization, it is the NonStop team that has the biggest ecosystem of partners and this was certainly good news to our ears. It’s always been about partners whenever NonStop is talked about – solutions sell NonStop. And so perhaps one other item to add to our wish list for 2020; let’s hear a lot more from the NonStop sales teams not only about NonStop and hybrid IT but about the vertical markets that the new NonStop is penetrating. Not forgetting, of course, hearing more about NonStop’s support of everything-as-a-service!

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