There continued to be many events conducted worldwide these past couple of months but the biggest event of all for the NonStop community is the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp. It will be held this year in San Jose and run from November 13 – 16, 2016, and there is every indication that it will be as well attended as previous Boot Camp events. Here at DataExpress we have supported user events for some time and with all that has transpired of late at HPE we believe there will be even more news coming from the HPE executives attending the event. With its mixture of workshops, keynote presentations, breakout sessions and vendor tracks, it is our expectation that there will be something of interest for everyone who makes it to the event. Even though the event is promoted as a Technical Boot Camp, based on our previous experiences, it is only at this event where HPE senior managers and executives present key messages on the future of NonStop as well as  peeling away the curtains on technologies and projects that may surprise even the staunchest of NonStop supporters. This year, we are really pleased to be joining comForte and HPE in a workshop that features our upcoming support of NSADI – the new NonStop Application Direct Interface, formerly known by its project code name of Yuma. We are using NSADI to move files between NonStop and other platforms connected to NonStop via InfiniBand. This workshop will be presented by HPE Master Technologist for the Americans Enterprise Solutions and Architecture group (ESA), Justin Simonds, along with comForte Senior Solutions Architect, Brad Poole, together with our own Senior Analyst, Susie Raye. For more on this presentation, entitled “High speed data transfer using NSADI”, check out the following link: We have tipped off many of you about this project in posts and commentaries made to numerous publications. In the latest issue of Tandemworld we posted about how last year we saw comForte demonstrating the sending of messages over an Infiniband connection using their Client Server Link (CSL) product on either end of an IB connected Linux system and Nonstop X. It all worked extremely fast, as anticipated. We have often described ourselves as the FedEx of file transfer – give us a file and we will move it to where it needs to go – but having seen the comForte demonstration, we quickly realized that we could complement our trucks and trains mode of transfer with a real jet! Having enjoyed a business relationship with comForte for many years with the integration between DataExpress and comForte’s encryption offerings, it made sense to work with comForte on an end-to-end test between DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) over an Infiniband connection between a Linux platform (DXOP) and Nonstop X (DXNS). In this first round of testing, DataExpress has replaced FTP over TCP/IP with FTP over IB connections via an intercept library on NonStop. As for Linux, DataExpress is simply using IBM’s Java Sockets over RDMA (JSOR). Having talked with our customers, we anticipate that the move to hybrid infrastructures with Converged Systems, such as we see today happening for NonStop, will result in the increase of files being moved around. The requirement for applications to provide files to various agencies and organizations – many external to the company, but in some situations, not always on systems capable of accessing external networks – is just going to grow. Whether it concerns the movement of funds, the background check of employees or simply the history of what was shipped to whom, companies worldwide continue to ratchet up their requirements for information which entails the movement of files, and this is showing no signs of lessening any time soon. Based on the acceptance of our solution for moving between Converged Systems utilizing InfiniBand, we see potential in expanding this support to include the movement of files into and out of clouds, particularly private clouds. As our customers provision a new platform within a cloud there’s almost always a need for files to be processed so we see further work being done by HPE NonStop development towards supporting RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) – from our perspective, a key ingredient in having NonStop talk to clouds – there will likely be new products and features coming from DataExpress solely for the purposes of moving files not just over InfiniBand but Converged Ethernet as well. This possible new opportunity for DataExpress has been described recently in a new publication, the NonStop Insider, where in the October issue we wrote of how with convergence at the system level we expect to see not just NonStop and Linux systems, but more than likely, a mix of NonStop and private clouds. To support this reality, we have nearly all the building blocks in place to provide something fresh to address this changing landscape – DataExpress Cloud Access (DXCA). With DXCA, NonStop users will still run DXNS on NonStop but have DXCA available running inside the cloud. What this would provide is the ability to deploy files into the cloud, safely, securely and in a fully automated fashion under the oversight of DataExpress and from there, files could be moved anywhere applications or users need to access them. “We are looking forward to this year’s Boot Camp in San Jose and having the opportunity to share a stage with HPE and comForte is certainly something DataExpress is looking forward to,” said DataExpress CEO Billy Whittington. If as yet you haven’t firmed up your own agenda we really do look forward to seeing you at the workshop and by all means, come prepared with questions. As for DataExpress, with the added support of NSADI becoming available, we are looking forward to taking flight – trucks and trains have served us well but there’s always a justifiable need for speed no matter the business you may be in!