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DataExpress – An Update from an HPE Partner …

It shouldn’t be a surprise for any member of the NonStop community that DataExpress is an HPE Partner. This has been common knowledge for some time. However, what is new is that you can now turn to the HPE web site for an update on Data443 and DataExpress which has only just been created. Many members of the NonStop community are still not familiar with the benefits DataExpress provides, but in 2020 this is all about to change.

For many years now DataExpress has held the status of a Silver Partner within HPE’s Technology Partner program. This program has proved beneficial in many ways with access to discounted hardware and software and equally as important to the development team at DataExpress, access to the Advanced Technology Center where the DataExpress products have been validated to run on NonStop X (NSX) systems as well as on the new Virtualized NonStop (VNS). This partnership program also includes support of joint HPE and vendor promotions and this has now kicked-off in earnest for Data443 and DataExpress.  

The above quote has been taken directly from the latest article published in the February 2020 issue of NonStop Insider. If as yet you haven’t read this article then you can follow this link that will take you there – DataExpress – Leveraging the strength that comes with HPE partnership program!

What might surprise you is that you will find DataExpress flexible enough to handle not only the biggest volumes of daily file transfers but much smaller needs as well. “It isn’t a matter of how many files you may need to transfer to sites mandating information about the transactions you have just processed,” said Billy Whittington, Data443 Engineering Manager. “It’s more a matter of convenience, reliability and security – there really isn’t a need to invest human capital in tinkering with scripts and utilities that leave you exposed to missed deadlines!” This is recognized by HPE and as we are an HPE Partner this is serving our DataExpress customers well as it allows us to continue supporting the new systems and platforms coming from the HPE NonStop team.

The upside from being a partner with products validated for all the variants of NonStop systems sold and supported today is that DataExpress has solid credentials when it comes to moving files between systems, no matter where they may be located around the planet. This is becoming an important consideration as migrations really don’t happen at the flick of a switch but rather involve extended periods of time, running in parallel.

“DataExpress links legacy systems with current technology trends while supporting mission-critical transmission needs, including data security, reformatting and data validation services. DataExpress is more than a secure managed file transfer platform. It’s a relationship between the customer and the DataExpress team …”

The above quotes were pulled from the new data sheet – Working tougher. Accelerating results! Should you have any difficulty accessing the HPE web page using this hyperlink then cut and paste the following url into your browser –

This partnership has not only meant that we were quick to support the Intel x86 architecture following its announcement when it came out, but more recently, it has allowed us to validate DataExpress on Virtualized NonStop (VNS). This is important for us for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that we are already in contact with existing DataExpress users who are giving VNS serious consideration. It is also important for us as we can appreciate why HPE is excited about the future of VNS and its likelihood of attracting new users to NonStop. VNS will allow DataExpress to give serious consideration to providing the option to consume DataExpress as a service. To this end, DataExpress has already began to take this into consideration as it develops its road maps for the next two years –

“We want to pursue DataExpress-as-a-Service (DXaaS) as a strategic direction. The partnership with HPE is going to be instrumental, such that both sides fold together to offer a premium solution at an affordable price.”– Billy Whittington, Data443 Engineering Manager

“Ultimately, it all comes down to how best to allocate your critical IT human resources,” added Whittington, “even the smallest requirement to move a file involves a commitment from IT staff and their time could be better spent addressing other business related undertakings and as we explore the opportunity to provide DXaaS we anticipate many more NonStop users will be asking us for information. Having a data sheet available on the HPE web site will certainly help us reach those new NonStop users more readily than was previously possible!”

To read more from the NonStop Insider article already referenced, in case you missed the February 2020 issue, just click on the hyperlink referenced at the top of this post. And if you have any trouble at all with the above hyperlink you can cut and paste this link into your browser:

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