DataExpress for NonStop testing in the NonStop X environment has been a new and exciting challenge for the DataExpress team. As the HP hardware and Operating Systems have evolved from K-series to S-series, through Integrity and Blade and now on to X, the DataExpress product has embraced the changes and enhancements with enthusiasm. There have been some challenges as well, as there are in every evolution of a product or process. One of the core strengths of the DataExpress product is its unparalleled reliability. The product literally runs with no downtime except for system restarts. This is due in some part to the trust HP has placed in the product by providing the DataExpress team with some HP source code to be used in the product which assists in making the product as reliable as the hardware it runs on. This same strength provides some challenges as the operating system evolves, requiring changes to the DataExpress code to make it support all of the NonStop operating systems from one code base. These changes have been completed by the DataExpress team, taking advantage of the ATC facilities in Palo Alto, despite some setbacks and challenges caused by late adoption of the platform by other vendors. While there are a few more functions to be tested, there is no doubt that DataExpress for NonStop will continue its evolution, supporting HP’s progress in the market.