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DataExpress – Adapting to changing markets and workplace environments

We are part of a bigger corporation, one that is publically traded. We have moved, upgraded and in general, created a whole new NonStop environment for development, testing, delivery and support. As a small vendor that is now part of a much bigger company there are a lot of advantages for DataExpress and its customers as we now have people looking after us in ways that simply that weren’t possible when we were operating independently!  

We can see ourselves as being one more example of what many NonStop vendors have done of late – that being the move to an environment where we work remotely. While there is so much that has been written about the emergence of the “Gig Economy” it’s just as relevant to talk about the remote, distributed, cooperative environment that is underpinning another economy, the “Uberization of Work”, as one report suggested. A model where resources will be found outside of the traditional (and institutionalized) office models of former times.

One way to think of this is that we are now committed to operating with distributed offices, virtual doors and access (to meeting rooms) and yes, open source software – a circumstance that in every way reinforces the new reality among software developers.  This new work environment puts greater strain on our network infrastructure even as it places new demands on making data available to all. These are readily simple items to fine tune but even so, it is unlikely that software vendors will return to “the old ways” any time soon.

Of course, it would be hard to ignore the health of the planet at this time where businesses, no matter the market segment, have had to rapidly change to address a new reality: Isolation. The message about social distancing isn’t one to be taken lightly and we at Data443 are cognizant that the demands on securely disseminating information, be that to researchers, marketers, developers and more will be central to many businesses’ plans for the immediate future and getting data to and from the cloud is just one technology that is becoming rapidly more important to business as the plans evolve.    

In the March 2020 issue of NonStop Insider you will find our article, DataExpress – When we make all the right moves, good things do happen! We write about our move and the impact on DataExpress together with the benefits as we become part of Data443 –

“Once the boxes were unpacked, the systems connected and the debris moved out, ‘it’s all moving positively for us,’ said Data443 Engineering Manager, Billy Whittington. ‘With what we had accumulated over time, together with the purchase of new equipment, it has further enabled the direction of the company. As a result we are well situated to pursue cloud subscription services even as the migration of other Data443 products is starting to gain momentum and we continue to build out the systems with this goal in mind.’”

As for openness and where we are focused as a group, DataExpress “With a fully operational data center, development continues now unabated.” As evidence of this and as covered in the article to the March 2020 issue of NonStop Insider –

“From a development standpoint, we have been using traditional Waterfall methodologies inside development for some time but moving forward we are embracing Agile methodologies.

“Similar trends as we are witnessing among our users, Waterfall will be with us for some time to come, even as it is a goal to continue to build expertise in Agile while looking to foster a development environment around DevOps principles.

“‘Agile for us is on a project by project basis, recognizing that our users continue to be very happy with what we have delivered to date on our DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) platform,’ said Whittington.”  

It is our sincere wish that at this time, we as a community practice social distancing protocols and that we all remain in good health. The timing of our move to the business and development model we have now embraced was driven by actions taken in 2019 but there is no escaping the reality that in 2020, increasingly development will be pursued with an Uberization of Work model firmly in mind.   

To read more from the NonStop Insider article already referenced, in case you missed the March 2020 issue, just click on the hyperlink referenced at the top of this post. And if you have any trouble at all with the above hyperlink you can cut and paste this link into your browser:

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