DataExpress – As a product and as a service; all options being explored in 2020

With any business plan that is drawn up at the start of the year there is always a considerable amount of “wiggle room” included. Working with HPE NonStop, history has taught us to be prepared for surprises down the road and indeed, when HPE announced NonStop would become a collection of virtual machines and that the transformation of NonStop to a pure software play would be achieved sooner rather than later, of course the NonStop vendor community was required to rethink and adjust its plans.

Here at DataExpress we had already diversified our product offerings where today there is DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP), so looking to support Virtualized NonStop isn’t a situation we aren’t prepared to face from any angle. Indeed, in the open world, DataExpress has already been exposed to companies running virtualized environments for years. Most Windows and Linux users are supported out of server farms where virtualization was embraced some time ago. However, it wasn’t just a case of NonStop, as software, being offered to companies as an alternative to the more traditional Converged System offering but rather the tantalizing thought that one day, NonStop and the infrastructure it supports could become available on the basis of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

While we have been preoccupied of late with the transition of the DataExpress product into our new parent, Data443 (following the acquisition of DataExpress by Data443), we have had ample opportunity to talk with those close to HPE and by all accounts, the support of virtual machines has gone well and already, there are prospects looking at the option to run NonStop-as-a-Service (NSaaS). Of course, there is still a need to better understand the customer business cases driving such a consideration, but then again, it’s really all about optimizing the way IT resources are being used – systems and personnel. “There are times when these companies need to move thousands of files every night,” said Data443 Engineering Manager, Billy Whittington “but there are other companies that only move fifty or less files each week. This is a market that has traditionally been underserved by DataExpress in the past, but with the opportunity to provide DataExpress-as-a-Service (DXaaS), we have the ideal solution for this end of the market which we will be putting into play this quarter.”

This opportunity was referenced in more detail in the latest article published in the January, 2020, issue of NonStop Insider DataExpress – 2020 will be the year for cautious optimism! According to Whittington –

“To say we are cautiously optimistic is perhaps the best way to describe our expectations for the coming year.

 “We have new products and features already being deployed, as part of DataExpress NonStop (DXNS), with an upcoming new DataExpress Open Platform release (DXOP V7) about to ship. We are also exploring new partnerships even as we begin building a closer relationship with HPE.

“The coming year will see our presence at major events and symposiums becoming more visible as these forums have always provided us with the best opportunity there is to hear the business needs of our customers and prospects, what drives them drives us.”

However, as that article also illustrated very well, the IT landscape will surely continue to shift throughout 2020 and this will provide software vendors with more incentive to rethink their product offerings.

“Moving from reliance on Capital Expenditures and becoming more appreciative of the value proposition that comes with Operational Expenditures, we see interest in opting for product acquisition on the basis of a service (rather than an on-prem deployment) intensifying.

“For both DXNS and DXOP ‘as a service’ is definitely a path DataExpress has begun exploring because this direction will allow DataExpress to attract the attention and ultimately business among smaller organizations.”

“As part of this pursuit, we begun discussing DXOP having a portal that will allow our customers and prospects, as a subscription user, to be able to open up a window, drag and drop their file name / delivery IP address / time and level of security, with the result that it’s then set to go. This brings DXOP out of the operational area with system admins control and puts it into use by business department heads etc.”

Providing more than one way to consume DataExpress and addressing more of the market that includes not only the biggest processors in the world but the corner shops as well, will be challenging and yet, we see that in 2020 HPE is moving the needle in this regard. With such movement there is more than enough incentive for DataExpress to continue looking at creative ways to deploy DataExpress and for 2020, it will be our goal to ensure our customers have the options they need readily at hand as their customers demand more of them.

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