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DataExpress – taking security knowledge to a bigger play at Data443

Looking back on 2019 it would be safe to say it was a year of dramatic changes for DataExpress. Being acquired was one thing but joining an organization focused as solidly as Data443 is on security represents an opportunity to build on what we have learnt to date. As the year came to a close, Data443 began trading with its new symbol – ATDS: All Things Data Security. As the November 25, 2019, Press Release noted:

“Over only the past two years, the company has combined the technology, people and revenue assets of 5 product lines to form one of the fastest growing data privacy organization on the market.  These products on their own are market leaders in individual segments of the data security, compliance and governance marketplace.” 

In this press release, DataExpress was listed as expanding the suite of products and services that now include DataExpress, which Data443 recognizes as “the leading Data transport, transformation and delivery product trusted by leading financial organizations worldwide.” Up until the acquisition, DataExpress was widely known within the NonStop community for its DataExpress Open Platform and DataExpress NonStop secure and managed file transfer products that today move tens of thousands of files each and every day for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, but now, whereas “managed” remains all important for DataExpress users who are averse to risk, “security” is attracting more of the spotlight.

Over a period of time that spans decades, financial institutions have relied upon DataExpress in support of their applications – DataExpress has become an essential part of their underlying infrastructure. Business simply couldn’t function without the presence of DataExpress and the situation is only becoming more acute for financial industries. As governments and associations worldwide are demanding even more reporting on all financial  activities as they “come under social pressure to root out those that exploit banks, fintechs, retailers and anyone with touch points to the financial community,” said Billy Whittington, Data443 Engineering Manager.

“Moving from a ‘utility product’ to where we now contribute our expertise within a ‘security company’” said Whittington, noting that Data443 is energized with a product set focused on opportunities in data security, privacy, compliance and governance, “changes perspective on our products because the sales team can talk about security and incorporate all the products that elevate the strength that comes with being part of Data443.” There are always broader market opportunities whenever large software vendors can address critical business situations with a comprehensive product portfolio created to meet these businesses’ needs. 

“From my perspective, DataExpress joining the Data443 product suite shows our determination to become an integral part of the security infrastructure of every organization,” said Michelle Marost, Data443 QA Manager. “‘All things data security’ is what our new organization is about, and DataExpress, together with our new complementary product partners, is a major player in that marketplace.” Looking ahead to 2020 only brings added excitement to the DataExpress team as we respond to numerous new opportunities arising from the alignment with Data443.

Some of these opportunities are already being realized as was noted in the article DataExpress – 2019 has been a terrific year! that was just published in the December 2019 issue of NonStop Insider and where Whittington is again quoted :  

“In responding to a customer suggestion, we took an existing module that provided Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) – a communications-centric cryptographic privacy and authentication protocol – from within DXNS and stripped it out to become a stand-alone product. 

“Given that we now support this ‘GnuPG’ standalone and that it resides within the Guardian personality – available with the NonStop Kernel (NSK) – and that it can access the OSS personality to take advantage of the newer technologies and solutions that leverage this environment, DXNS users have even better security support in place.”

Being part of a bigger product portfolio has considerable upside for DataExpress, but being able to take our security knowledge and respond positively to customer suggestions about real business problems will always be a priority for DataExpress. It’s just that now we have an organization with which we can interact and this will expedite any response we give. And again, if you missed reading the complete article referenced here then make sure you click on the hyperlink above.

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