Privacy Governance, Compliance and Data Stewardship – Cannabis?

Is Cannabis Finally the Driver for Personal Privacy?

As part of our announcement ( )

Our partner offering has been in development for a specific governmental organization in Canada for some time now and recently went live with the legalization on October 17.

The offering has several components – however at the highest level – it is about enabling the host organization (local/federal government, municipality, medical facility, dispensary, etc.) to ensure that record (transaction and identity) privacy is compliant with other local and federal laws (in Canada for example, PIPEDA – in the EU, GDPR and others, and soon in California – CCPA and probably federally soon afterwards).

However, what drives this solution isn’t the product being sold – it’s the core and overreaching requirement that is sweeping the landscape for people to control and manage their own privacy and feel confident that it is being managed and retained. In reality, it has little specifically to do with Cannabis use,  however , perhaps Cannabis use is FINALLY the catalyst that will drive people to care more about their privacy.

Regardless of whether you support the legalization, or other such changes to our society – in general the information becoming available has not just ‘some risk’ to a person (like having your SSN stolen), it’s bad, but unless it’s leveraged in other contexts, chances are you won’t have a direct impact).  However, if you ordered a legal product online, there may be other parties you don’t feel the need to share it with (perhaps another government, your employer, etc.).

This isn’t about ‘hiding’ things – its about being in control.  The HIPAA act helps a bit here, however it is mainly about controlling the disclosure at the consolidation level (the clinic, the pharmacy, etc.). It does little to enable the end user (patient) to control, share, manage their own information.

The solution, that is already in production and public use by the way, supports these core tenants of what Data443 is about – Identification, Governance, Protection, Distribution.

At a high level (depending on your context) – ClassiDocs to identify, classify and govern – ARALOC to protect and distribute.  Some security architecture and design to navigate repositories and data joining, some partner software to provide some connectors and access control.  This is the Personal Privacy offering, in production, being used by thousands – which we feel is the blueprint for future privacy requirement in many industries – US Healthcare just one of them.

 Additionally, as the blockchain ecosystem settles a bit – big players are entering more and more – we expect a few ‘de facto’ blockchains to come to the forefront for the market place.  Our existing privacy compliance work efforts in this space (Ripple, IOTA, etc.) have given us a leap frog advantage as we have the regulatory compliance, personal privacy, encryption (ARALOC) and other technologies to not just govern enterprise data sets, but also enable personal privacy – more to come on this soon!