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Plain Vanilla Spam Leads to Beautifully Designed Scam

While our solutions filter out spam before they ever reach mailboxes, we are always on the lookout for how social engineering inspires innocent victims to take action. We were actually intrigued by this slick combination of spam and scam. 

As you can see from this image, the spam itself is visually uninteresting and touts offers too good to be true, raising all the traditional red flags, luring only the most naïve – or greedy – to click. 

Email text:

But once you click the link, watch out!

This is one of the most professionally designed scam sites we’ve seen in a while. Although the returns mentioned at the bottom are far from realistic and the skimpy disclaimer and privacy pages indicate that it is just a front, it certainly gives legitimate sites a run for their money – and an opportunity to steal yours.