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Free hosting of spam content on forum sites

Like any good scammer, spammers are always looking for ways around the system, knowing that their spam will be blocked if it contains the real URL they are trying to promote (in this case “”). 

Hi dear! I am for a decent man. As for me, I am a young Russian girl Do you like Russian women? They are not just beautiful and smart, but very tolerant too. Russian women value family and try to be with their husbands as much as possible. It's time to get to know each other! See you on marriage agency. Cheerio! Please, visit this site!

In this example, they are using a workaround to fight both real-time anti-spam protection and URL filtering by exploiting inactive forums – or hacked forums – with pages of fixed spam content. The actual legitimate topic of the forum doesn’t matter – we found the same spam content on a diverse range of forums including programming, music, and gaming.

Not only do they get to post their information with a link to their real spam site – in this case, Russian dating – but they get free hosting in the process.