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Use data archiving and classification to prevent “Right of Access” violations

Spotify is facing an investigation by the Swedish government in to their handling of the “right of access” aspect of GDPR’s sweeping regulations. The California Consumer Protection Act is coming in to effect in January 2020 and has “right to access” language modeled after what’s included in GDPR. But what exactly is the “right of access” and how does that impact the data collection and storage practices of organizations? 

In this session, Jason Remillard, CEO and Founder of Data443, reviews the “right to access” language included in GDPR and CCPA and provides the easy-to-implement steps for proactive management of consumer data accessibility in just 30 minutes.

Topics covered: 
    • Overview/Comparison of GDPR/CCPA regulations
    • “Right of access” deep dive
    • Explanation of why Spotify is being investigated
    • Data classification and archiving in proactive “right of access” management
In this session, you will learn what to expect from the recent CCPA regulations that went into effect on January 1, 2020. Topics will include parameters and penalties, as well as an in depth look at what you should be backlogging and archiving to ensure your organization doesn’t run afoul.
What will be covered: 
    • Overview of CCPA and GDPR regulations – and their associated fines
    • Review of the corporate best practices seasoned, prepared leaders are implementing in their organizations to protect their company, employees, customers and assets – and their jobs
    • Recommendations for the necessary technology and software required to ensure complete readiness for when CCPA begins impacting your business