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How to Target Security in Your ECM

How to Target Security in Your ECM Role-Based Access Can Simplify and Strengthen ECM Security Congratulations—your organization has adopted a much-needed, corporate-wide mandate to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Your mission, which you are happy to undertake, is to deal with all the issues that you face everyday

Protecting Privacy: Easy as PII?

Protecting Privacy: Easy as PII? Psssst! Can you keep a secret? This simple childhood whisper magnifies an importance in the growing awareness of how organizations maintain the confidentiality of information they receive from individuals. The electronic world overflows with countless bytes of personal information. Online, people input all types of

From Clutter to Classification

From Clutter to Classification Using IG to Gain Control of Your File Shares Rarely is chaos planned.  Cleaning up that same chaotic mess is rarely a planned activity.  The overgrowth of file shares is a story that is repeated at almost all organizations. Folders created with unclear names and documents

How Do You Eat the IG Elephant? One Bite at a Time!

How Do You Eat the IG Elephant? One Bite at a Time! A Practical Approach to Information Governance Design A lot of people who need information governance put it off because the task seems so overwhelming. But achieving a well-designed and manageable information governance solution is not as daunting as

Turning IG into ROI

Turning IG into ROI Making Information Governance Analytics Pay Off It’s no secret that the divisions of a company that contribute to the corporate bottom line drive the company’s business decisions. Efforts to devise and enforce compliance to information governance (IG) may be seen as merely “gate-keeping,” but turning IG