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IAM Concept of the Week: Authentication versus Authorization

Introducing our new Concept of the Week blog series – Each week we’ll define and explain the significance of a concept in the world of Identity and Access Management. This week’s post is short but involves two critical and related terms: authentication and authorization. These terms are frequently confused mainly

GovTech – Adventures and Observations in IAM: Contextual Access Control Demo at DHS

Demonstrating ‘Contextual Access Control’ at the 2017 DHS S&T Urban Operational Experimentation Event by Daemon Price It’s an interesting time to be in Government Technology. Join me here every few weeks where I’ll share my observations on the latest technology happenings within the Beltway and across Government. We’ll discuss the

Why context is everything

We’ve had a great response from customers and the media (see eWeek, NetworkWorld, SiliconAngle) to last week’s release of Resilient Access 3.0. At the core of this new release is functionality that we are calling contextual access control. We believe that to securely share data and connect organizations we need to go beyond today’s narrow definition

Structure Security Conference 2016 – Three Themes

This week, we attended the Structure Security conference in San Francisco’s Presidio Golden Gate Club. It was billed as a conference that “will highlight the best practices that security professionals are using to protect some of the world’s largest companies and institutions, and examine the future of security products, services,

The OPM Data Breaches – Doing Business in a Zero Trust Environment

The data breaches at the OPM have significant ramifications for the government and for the millions of us that may be negatively impacted in the future. However, breaches present a unique impetus to drive much needed change in policies, technologies and monitoring. It has been reported that the breach was

The World of Limitless Identity

When I joined Resilient Network Systems as CEO roughly a year and a half ago, I was very excited about how the company was revolutionizing the world of information sharing and creating a safer Internet.  Being able to safeguard the data being accessed, while enabling more sharing and collaboration is