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Top 6 Risks & Guidance When Considering O365 As an Archiving Solution

“We will just use Office365 for our search requests from now on.” As more and more companies move from hosted Exchange to Office365, this has become an increasingly common phrase. While O365 is a useful tool and has an attractive value proposition, it is recommended that organizations check their true

How to Simplify Digital Communication Archiving under Remote Learning

The classroom has moved into living rooms and kitchens of families across the US and collaborative technologies are being used more than ever. As educators move to an online setting, they are experiencing a substantial unanticipated increase in data usage. Many k-12 Systems Admins are looking to streamline and simplify their Digital

8 Key Best Practices for Archiving Digital Communication in the New Normal

In today’s online classroom, more communication is happening amongst staff and students than ever before, and schools are still required to comply with their applicable state and federal laws. Most, if not all, of k-12 schools have implemented an email archiving solution – although, they may be looking for guidance as data volume

Top Data Retention and Budget Challenges Solved

With busy schedules, a need for instant delivery, and desire to leave a trail for tracking, it’s not surprising that a Gartner study revealed nearly 60% of the average business’ critical data is stored in e-mail. Internal communication and client exchanges are saved somewhere in the mass of personal content and overlooked