Data443 announces the Ransomware Recovery Product Pack

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Data Protection, Device Recovery – Operational Stability

   Only from Data443®

Identify Sensitive Data. Recover Operating Systems. Block Lateral Infection Movement.

  • Devices are protected from all unwanted changes; malware and ransomware infections are wiped away upon reboot

  • Ensure device availability in critical work areas

  • Protect sensitive data if it ever leaves your network.

DLP, Device Recovery from any infection, Sensitive Data Encryption

Recover your entire facility in minutes, control lateral exposure, and ensure no data hostage situations

  • Integrated A/V

    Built-in Anti-virus, protecting your device from current and polymorphic virus patterns

  • Exclusive Device & Data Ransomware Recovery

    Built for the "When" not "If" infosec playbook items. Ransomware Recovery Manager™ will recover your device to the last known good state snapshot without the infection. No truck roll. No user interaction. No delays. No further network/lateral infections

  • DLP Capabilities

    Block ports, manage physical devices, remove unwanted USB devices and more. Perfect for 'hostile' environments such as labs, kiosks, manufacturing devices or service machines

  • Leverage ClassiDocs™ Data Identification Manager

    Discover sensitive data with over 900 patterns, and move them to secure locations on the workstation so they are recovered, saved and always available

  • Leverage ARALOC™ Sensitive Content Manager

    Encrypt in place all identified sensitive content, so extortionists are unable to leverage your own data against you!
    Data encrypted with DRM rules - means its not available, viewable, or leveragable - anywhere else!

  • Whole host of admin-centric device management capabilities

    Leverage Ransomware Recovery Manager™ with advanced capabilities - including software distribution, scheduling of service operations, remote control, browser and egress management